LEGO.com Celebrates 20 Years on the World Wide Web

It may not seem like that long ago but the term “World Wide Web” was coined less than 30 years ago. Today is LEGO.com’s 20th Anniversary on the internet and they have posted a page showing some of the different iterations of the site. The simplicity of the site in 1996 is just pure nostalgia as I remember seeing other websites looking similar when I first got online in school. Ah, who remembers using good ol’ Netscape as your browser back then and that dial-up modem sound. If you want to actually use the older versions of LEGO’s site, head on over to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and you can still browse around.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a matching game and if you match up five things, you get to download wallpapers from various classic themes like Town, Western, Technic, Trains, Time Cruisers, Pirates, Aquazone, Space, Castle, and a MOC using classic parts. If you know a browser trick, you don’t actually have to play the game and directly download the images but where’s the fun in that?


LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9 Update Now Available

Here’s something for fans of the LEGO Digital Designer software. A few months ago, there was a report that LEGO would continue to support LDD with its functionality with updates coming from time to time. It looks like that time is today.

LEGO has updated the software to version to 4.3.9 with 318 new bricks from newer themes like Speed Champions and Nexo Knights. The update also fixes some issues for people who are using Mac OSX.

Head on over to the LDD site to download the latest version.

**Via Eurobricks**


LEGO ReBrick Relaunches

Earlier today, LEGO ReBrick announced the relaunch of the site. Currently, there isn’t much to see on there but they do have a contest going called the Build for the Sky: LEGO Worlds Challenge. The contest revolves around building something creative in the sky. The only caveat is that you must build your entry in LEGO Worlds.

The deadline to submit your entry is April 4, 2016 and the winner will have their creation in the game and the model will be recreated by a known Brick Artist and displayed at the LEGO Worlds booth at E3 Expo in June.


The LEGO Group 2015 Annual Report Results

Just a short while ago, The LEGO Group wrapped up their 2015 Annual Report and the numbers show you why they are still one of the top toy brands in the world.

The top themes for 2015 were in random order DUPLO, Ninjago, City, Star Wars, Ninjago, Friends while the best selling sets were Elsa’a Sparkling Ice Castle, Millennium Falcon, City Police Station, Mindstorms EV3, and Heartlake Grand Hotel.

Key Figures

  • Revenue growth excluding foreign exchange impacts was 19% year over year on a local currency basis.
  • Revenue increased by 25% in DKK to DKK 35.8 billion against DKK 28.6 billion in 2014.
  • The year’s operating profit increased to DKK 12.2 billion against DKK 9.7 billion in 2014 – an increase of 26%.
  • Net profit was DKK 9.2 billion compared to DKK 7.0 billion in 2014 – an increase of 31%.
  • Injury rate per million work hours was 1.4 compared to 1.7 in 2014.
    More than 90% of waste from production sites recycled.
  • The number of employees in the LEGO Group increased from 14,762 at the end of 2014 to 17,294 at the end of 2015.

You can check out some of the highlights as well as more details on the press release. You can also download a PDF of the 2015 annual report.


First LEGO Certified Store Opening in Italy This Summer

It looks like LEGO has expanded into Italy as there will be a new LEGO Certified Store opening there this summer. The store will be ran by Percassi House of Brands which has worked with other major name brands of products.

If you’re not familiar with what a LEGO Certified Store is, it’s basically a store owned and operated by a third party with an agreement with LEGO sort of like a franchise. You’ll mostly find these stores in countries where LEGO does not have their own stores in.

Thanks to Andrea from Mattonito for the email.


LEGO ReBrick Relaunching March 1

If you’ve ever been on ReBrick, you may feel that it might not be the most effective bookmarking website for fans. Initially, it was a place for fans to share creations and unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned with various issues hampering the user experience.

LEGO has been at work to do a relaunch on the site on March 1st. They have shared a short video of how ReBrick will work. It’ll still focus on fan creations but will also have more contests for you to enter to win hard to find sets, signed sets, or trips.


BrickLink New Storefront Preview

BrickLink has given an update on some of the changes coming to the popular third-party LEGO service. The main thing is the new Storefront look that every store will get. I’ll sort of summarize what these changes are but you want a more detailed explanation, head on over to the link above.

First off the stores will have a more streamlined layout and the focus will be on the content of the store. You can change the color and logo to match your liking.

Next is the store curated landing page which lets sellers customize what buyers will see when they arrive to the page.

The new Splash Page will not its own page but will act as an actual splash page when buyers arrive.

The categories have also been overhauled with hierarchy levels within the categories. For example, the different LEGO themes have been broken down to sub-themes so you can easily see what’s available. You can also collapse and expand the categories so you can focus on what’s most relevant to you.

One of the main complaints of the old BrickLink was the search experience. Now there are advanced search filters that are dynamic which makes it a lot more easier to find what you’re looking for.

The Store Terms are now labeled on the right side of the page with an Average Lot Value and a Minimum Buy.

Right below the menu bar is a new Store Announcement bar that lets buyer know what annnouncements you have. So if you’re closing your store for a short time, you can let buyers know ahead of time if you need.

The new Favorite Store system lets you keep track of your favorites more easily. When you hit the Bookmark button on the top right, you can Favorite, Dislike, or Subscribe to the store.

Also in this preview are changes to how you can access the catalog from the storefront. Buyers cann click the Item No. in the quick shop window to access the catalog page.

Finally, the Cart has been changed with a new layout to let buyers easily see what items are in the cart.

Again, you can access the new storefront by going to http://preview.bricklink.com/. Take a look around and give some feedback in the news posting. There’s no announced release date at this time as BrickLink is still getting feedback and making relevant changes if necessary. So far there is a mixed reaction to these new changes in the posting with some welcoming the changes while others are against it. If you’re an avid BrickLink user, whether a buyer or a seller, what do you guys think of these changes?

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