LEGO Iconic Caveman & Cavewoman (5004936)

Iconic Caveman & Cavewoman (5004936)

Yesterday, I reported on the August 2017 LEGO Store Calendar and the main promotion of the month is the Iconic Caveman & Cavewoman (5004936) minifigures. It will be available August 10-31 with a purchase of $50 or more, while supplies last.

If you’ve collecting the Collectible Minifigures since the beginning, you’ll notice that the new minifigures look similar to the ones released previously. The Caveman was from Series 1 (8683) while the Cavewoman was from Series 5 (8805). The only difference with the new ones are the colors for the printing on the torsos, legs, and the hair pieces so this technically makes them exclusive to this set.

The packaging for the double minifigures has some designs for the rock home and the wooden door which opens to reveal the minifigures. The Caveman & Cavewoman is the third “Iconic” set that LEGO will be releasing with the first one being the Chicken Suit Guy in the Iconic Easter (5004468) and the other with the Gingerbread Man (5005156) from last year.


LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932) Review

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)

Earlier this month, LEGO had a promotion for the Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932) with purchases of $35 or more. Here’s a little short review of the set with something special at the end.


The box that the Minifigure Travel Pack comes in has the design of a suitcase with printing of stickers throughout. Inside the box, there’s more printing of various LEGO elements that people may take on a trip.

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)

The items inside the box include the instructions in the form of a passport, a bag of parts, and some signs.

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)


There’s one minifigure included with this set and he’s nothing too special. The torso features the spaceman printing and green arms. It has been used before in previous sets but it’s still cool to get that particular one. The legs are medium blue and the cap that he wears is lime green.

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)


There are lots of little builds that are in the set such as a beach chair with an umbrella, a mini sandcastle, a barbeque, and a camera on a tripod. There’s also a surfboard, a whip used as a fishing rod, some scuba gear, suitcase, and ice cream cone.

The idea of the set is to use these builds along with the minifigure and take picutres of them in various locations. In the back of the instructions, there are some images of the set at different locales.

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)


The LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932) isn’t your typical promotional set as June is sort of a travel month for LEGO promos. The minifigure is okay but I do like that torso. The builds themselves are really simple ones but at least you can have some extra parts if they don’t suit your fancy.

LEGO Minifigure Travel Pack (5004932)

LEGO has sent me an extra one of this set and I’ll be passing it on to one of you guys. Since this is a small set, I’ll also be putting in a mystery item as well. I’ll be using Rafflecopter for you to enter with and the deadline to enter is next Sunday, July 2. Good luck to everyone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: Congrats to Simon Leung for winning the prize.


LEGO Inside Tour 2017 Exclusive Set Revealed

The LEGO Inside Tour has been completed and Brickset has revealed the exclusive set that was given away to attendees. It is called the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000024) designed by Stig Steen Andersen and it consists of 1,008 pieces.

The Tree of Creativity is a replica of the large scale tree that you can see inside the LEGO House and it features builds from various LEGO themes.


LEGO Canvas Tote Bag Now Available on [email protected]

LEGO Canvas Tote Bag

LEGO is now offering the exclusive Canvas Tote Bag with purchases of $199 or more on [email protected]. The promotion was originally available at LEGO Stores only but it is now available online as well.

To redeem the offer, enter the code JUNE during checkout. The LEGO Canvas Tote Bag will be available until June 30 or while supplies last. You can check out my review of it here.


LEGO Canvas Tote Bag Review

LEGO Canvas Tote Bag

Starting tomorrow, LEGO will be starting a new promotion until the end of the month for an exclusive Canvas Tote Bag. You can get it for free with purchases of $199 or more in LEGO Stores.

For the Canvas Tote Bag itself, it’s your typical full-sized, creme/white colored bag with the LEGO logo branding on one side. The material used for the logo seems to be a decent quality and should be able to withstand multiple uses.

For the compartments, you have the main one which is quite large for normal items like books or a laptop. I was able to fit TLBM Batwing box into it but that is about as much as you can fit into it if you are using it to buy more LEGO. There is also a smaller pocket where the LEGO logo is.

Overall, the new LEGO Canvas Tote Bag is the largest promotional giveaways I’ve seen since coming back to LEGO. The main deterrent is not the bag itself but the high qualifying purchase you have to make to get it. The last tote bag that LEGO released was back in 2011 so it’s nice to see another gear item. Again, it will only be available at LEGO Stores starting on June 15-30 while supplies last. Thank you to the LEGO Affiliate Team for sending this item in.

Update: It looks like LEGO is offering the Canvas Tote Bag on [email protected] when you make a purchase of $199 or more. To redeem the offer, enter the code JUNE at checkout. The promotional period runs through June 30 or while supplies last.

LEGO Canvas Tote Bag


Official LEGO Fidget Spinner Building Instructions

LEGO Fidget Spinner

The current fad, at least here in the US, is fidget toys and fidget spinners. Before the ship has sailed, it appears that LEGO has produced official building instructions for two versions of the toy.

The builds are very similar with no exclusive parts but it depends if you want to hold a turntable piece or a Technic pin. Of course, you can still customize the LEGO Fidget Spinner to your liking.

LEGO Fidget Spinner

**Via Reddit**


LEGO Minifigure Plushies to be Released

The LEGO Batman Movie Batman Minifigure Plush (853652)

A reader has let me know this morning that there are some LEGO minifigure plushies that has been released in stores or will be released soon. Currently, there are four characters to choose from including Batman (853652) and Batgirl (853653) from The LEGO Batman Movie and Kai (853691) and Nya (853692) from LEGO Ninjago. Each minifigure plush will stand 12″ tall and are made with brushed tricot fabric with silkscreen-printed decoration.

Update: They have shown up on [email protected]icon.

The LEGO Batman Movie Batgirl Minifigure Plush (853653)

LEGO Ninjago Kai Minifigure Plush (853691)

LEGO Ninjago Nya Minifigure Plush (853692)

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