LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016) Revealed

LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016)

Now that Christmas is over, I’ve been waiting a few weeks to post this set since images of it first showed up online but I didn’t want to spoil it for the LEGO employees who haven’t received theirs yet. The 2016 LEGO employee exclusive set is called 50 Years on Track (4002016) and it has a whopping 1,141 pieces. The set celebrates six decades of LEGO trains since it was first released in 1966 and it features six different types of trains through the years including:

Motorized Train Set – 1966
Western Train – 1976
Monorail Transport System – 1987
Metroliner – 1991
Emerald Night – 2009
Winter Holiday Train – 2016

Again, the only legit way to get the 50 Years on Track (4002016) set was to be a LEGO employee which also includes LEGO Brand Store associates but that doesn’t stop it from hitting the secondary market such as eBay where it is going for around $250. For those LEGO employees who kept theirs, congratulations as this is a great set especially for LEGO train fans.

LEGO 2016 Employee Exclusive 50 Years on Track (4002016)


New LEGO Brick Calendar (40172)

It looks like there will be a new LEGO Brick Calendar (40172) that is now being sold over at the UK. Margaret_Bricks over on Instagram has posted images of the front and back of the box. The main difference between this Brick Calendar and the previous one is that the numbers are now brick-built instead of being printed bricks.

No word on availability yet here in the US but I assume it will be available at LEGOLAND and at LEGO Stores in January.


LEGO Pentatonix Up on the Housetop Music Video

Last night on NBC, acapella group Pentatonix had their Christmas Special and it premiered their music video “Up on the Housetop” which was a collaboration with LEGO. They’ve now released the video on YouTube which takes advantage of the 360° technology so you can use Google Cardboard viewer for a better viewing experience. Last week, they offered an exclusive the LEGO Pentatonix Google Cardboard (see above) for a limited time.


LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar

LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar

Starting next week from November 28-December 11, LEGO will be giving away a FREE LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar with purchases of $75 or more, while supplies last. Without spoiling the contents of the calendar, I can tell you that each month has a scene with minifigures that kids can color which you see a preview of on the back cover. There are also two sheets of stickers included as well.

If you have this year’s Wall Calendar, you’ll notice that this calendar doesn’t have any coupons for any future promotions. Unfortunately for next year, it doesn’t look like LEGO will be continuing with that promo, at least here in the US, which is bummer since there were some neat items on it even though they were small.

I feel that the LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar will be most beneficial for teachers as they can take apart the pages and photocopy the ones with the scenes for the kids. Thank you to the LEGO [email protected] Affiliate Team for sending me one to review.

LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar

LEGO 2017 Colorable Wall Calendar


Exclusive LEGO Lester Minifigure Limited to 275

Earlier today on the other side of the pond, the new LEGO flagship store at Leicester Square opened up and members of the LEGO community were there to attend the pre-opening event. You can read up about the store over on Brickset but I want to focus on the Lester minifigure that was available for the AFOL attendees as well as for shoppers.

As you can see from the image above, there are only 275 LEGO Lester minifigures available which makes it one of the most rare minifigures ever produced. This puts Lester around the same level as the early exclusive San Diego Comic Con LEGO minifigures. Huw reported that the extremely limited number of Lester minifigures produced was because there wasn’t more bowler hat pieces due to it being out of production and whatever was left were used for it.

You still have a chance to win Lester when you make a purchase of £55 or more at the Leicester Square store until November 20 or while supplies last.


LEGO Year of the Rooster 2017 Set Revealed

Here’s something cool for the readers who follow the lunar calendar. 2017 will be the Year of the Rooster according to a Weixin post, a LEGO Year of the Rooster set will be given away to those who were born in those particular years (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017) via a voucher at the Shanghai LEGO Store from January 13-22. For those in other parts of the world who want one, it’s most likely you won’t find it available unless you purchase it off the secondary market.

LEGO continues to please the Asian market with these sets based on the years of the Chinese zodiac. In 2013, the Year of the Snake (10250) was released. In 2015, fans had the Year of the Sheep (40148) while this year had the Year of the Monkey (40207). Now I just have to wait until 2018 for my Year of the Dog set, if there is one.

**Via Brickset**


Disguise LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Prestige Costume Review

Disguise LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Prestige Costume

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and it’s about that time to search for costumes for kids. Earlier this year at New York Toy Fair, Disguise showed off some new costumes for LEGO Nexo Knights and LEGO Ninjago. Fast forward to last month where Disguise announced a multi-year deal with LEGO to produce official costumes. The LEGO costumes are now available and Disguise has sent us a medium-sized LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Prestige Costume. The contents of the box include the tunic, pants, mask, and a pair of hands.

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