LEGO Hero Factory 2014 Set List

There have been rumors about what LEGO sets will be released in 2014 the past few weeks. If you’re into collecting the Hero Factory line, then you’re in luck. All About Bricks has produced a list of some 2014 sets from the popular robotic figures line.

EVO Walker (44015)
Jaw Beast vs Stormer (44016)
STORMER Freezer Machine (44017)
FURNO Jet Machine (44018)
ROCKA Stealth Machine (44019)
FLYER Beast vs BREEZ (44020)
SPLIITTER Beast vs FURNO & EVO (44021)
EVO XL Machine (44022)

  • Erhan Cetinkaya

    Nice! 🙂

    • Awesome!

      • Vaughn Baskin

        I’ll Say!

  • TheOrcKing

    These sound like Lego maybe going back to box sets over the ‘baggies’ they’ve been using lately, and all the “VS” bits makes me think these are gonna be BIG items. Perhaps a good thing in the end I guess. After seeing this year’s Jet Rocka set, I’ll admit the large box was more impressing than any of the bags standing beside it.

    • Vaughn Baskin

      I Couldn’t Agree With You More.

  • Someone

    Their names sound weird. I think that the bad guys are those beast things.

    • Vaughn Baskin

      What You Mean? How Could Not To Love Preston Stormer Or Natile Breez Or Even Daniel Rocka? I Mean They’re The Real Reason Why Hero Factory Is 1 Of LEGO’s Smashest Hits Of All Time!

  • Vaughn Baskin

    I Was A Fan Hero Factory Then & Now I’m Becoming A Hero Factory Master!

  • James A

    They all sound more like playsets rather than figures, sounds cool!

    • Vaughn Baskin

      Yep Yep!

  • legolover

    I’ve seen pics they are minifigs.