Stan Hulk

When I first saw the Stan Lee character for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game at SDCC 2013, I started thinking of how to get the character. I knew it was going to be fairly difficult since it’s Stan Lee and plus he has a bunch of other super heroes’ powers. Yesterday, IGN has posted some details on how we are able to unlock the character with the help of TT Game Director Arthur Parsons:

Stan Lee’s groupies, for example, won’t be able to unlock the comic book icon by simply sticking to the critical path. As Parsons explains, recruiting Spidey’s co-creator into your roster is one of the title’s most involved tasks. “We have 50 Stan Lee’s in various perilous situations. In one of them he drinks this toxic soda and transforms into Stan Hulk, and you end up having to beat him up; when you beat him up, he transforms back to Stan and he’s like ‘Excelsior, thank you!’, and off he runs. Once you’ve rescued all 50, you then get to unlock Stan as a playable character.”

**Via FBTB**

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