LEGO Juniors 2014 Rumored Set List

All About Bricks is back with some news about the LEGO Juniors theme which makes its return from a 9-year hiatus in 2014. Also known back then as LEGO 4 Plus, the 2014 Juniors sets are reported to be the new name for the Bricks and More theme and is intended to be a theme which that is between Duplo and regular System sets. Also the Juniors sets will have regular minifigures instead of the larger ones that the 4 Plus had. They also note that since the new sets are essentially the Bricks and More sets, there are no mention of the brick buckets.

Spider-Man (10665) – includes Spider-Man, Venom, and a vehicle
Digger (10666)
Construction (10667)
Princess Castle (10668)
Batman – Batcave (10672) – includes Batman, Robin, the Joker, and the Batcave
Race Car Rally (10673)
Pony Farm (10674)
Police – The Big Escape (10675)

  • TheOrcKing

    This overall rumor feels the shakiest to me. Aside from the awkward set list, the theme name change seems unnecessary or makes any sense. It has the Castle Legends 2013 rumor feel all over it. Also the lack of any kind of brick buckets seems unfitting unless Lego is not planning on doing any new ones for a while. I mean, how many times can you mix up a container of parts really?

    I am oddly curious to see how this pans out all the same.

    • Yea, this theme is iffy for me. I have to see what the minifigs look like for the Super Heroes sets and see if I want to get them. I have a feeling that they’ll be the same minifigs that are already available.