LEGO Creator 2014 Rumored Set List

In the same post that All About Bricks did about the LEGO Juniors sets, they also put out a list of some of the 2014 LEGO Creator sets. A few weeks back, we reported there were some images of a couple of the sets here and here.

Red Thunder (31013)
Power Digger (31014)
Emerald Express (31015)
Sunset Speeder (31017)
Highway Cruiser (31018)
Forest Animals (31019)
Twinblade Adventures (31020)
Furry Creatures (31021)
Turbo Quad (31022)
Mountain Hut (31025)

  • TheOrcKing

    Trippy names to be sure. Well, we already saw the Turbo Quad so I like that one to begin with, Highway Cruiser and/or Sunset Speeder may hopefully trail behind the coolness of this year’s Highway Speedster, can hardly wait to get a glimpse of Twinblade Adventures, Red Thunder could be anything from a racecar to a spaceship, and Mountain Hut sounds like yet another great Creator house.
    I would take it Emerald Express will follow behind the Horizon Express with a touch of the Emerald Night locomotive. Sweet! Then to top it all off with the rumored Parisian Restaurant modular house.
    Creator keeps on managing to be a number one theme for me!

    • If the Emerald Express looks as good or better than the Horizon Express, I might have pick both of them up.

      • TheOrcKing

        It would make an interesting contrast beside one another of new and old, orange and green.