LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2017 Hulk vs. Red Hulk Revealed

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulk vs. Red Hulk

The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed another 2017 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set that will be displayed at San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks with the Hulk vs. Red Hulk set. The 375 piece set will be available in January at a $59.99 price point.

The set will include Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, and Red She-Hulk along with their respective vehicles. This set marks the first time that She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk is in minifigure form. Red-Hulk is basically the Hulk bigfig with some slight color differences.

As mentioned before, the set will be shown off at SDCC along with the 2017 Marvel Mighty Micros. It looks like LEGO is bring the heat with all these cool Super Heroes sets next year and hopefully we’ll get to see more soon.

  • Shatterclaw

    That’s awesome.. I like the Big figs and mini figs.. but as price per part goes.. 375 price a at 11 cents per part it would be around 49. This set each part is around 18 1/2 cents.. Grant it that big figs are worth more.. but it’s on the Hugh side even for lessions sets.

    The question is will all the marvel and dc set see such a price hike?

    • Purple Dave

      If they have bigfigs, yes, the price will appear high compared to similarly sized sets. I don’t think there’s been a bigfig set to date that hasn’t gotten multiple complaints over being “too expensive”. Bigfigs use a minimum of seven components (three for body, two arms, two hands), and the body sections are often unique to the character requiring large, expensive molds to be made for each individual character where most minifigs use repeatedly shared moods and about as much plastic as a single arm from a bigfig.

    • Peter

      Just think, one of those vehicles plus minifig plus bigfig is $30. Now you get that times 2

  • Davids19

    I have been waiting for a She-Hulk figure! Also for a Red-Hulk figure! The vehicles are ok looking, but I think I will be getting this set for the figures! Thanks for posting these!

  • NRD1138

    My heart sanks a bit when I saw SDCC, but thankfully it is not an exclusive promo there, but just a preview for a regular set.

  • donivan

    This would have been great for Christmas.Oh well, getting it in Jan.

  • Darrell

    At first I was aggravated because I misread and thought this was an exclusive at SDCC, but boy, I am thrilled to be wrong in this case! Awesome! I will definitely be getting this set!

  • Gideon Stargrave

    Wow, that is waaaaaaay overpriced! Both vehicles look pretty terrible too. I really, really want a She Hulk minifig though, curse you LEGO!

    • Norse Highlander

      Ditto on the vehicles. This isn’t Batman or Spider-man we’re dealing with who have their vehicles. A destructible environment would have been more appropriate than vehicles when it comes to the Hulks.

      • Gideon Stargrave

        Totally agree, in fact my buddy and I were just discussing this very thing the other day – instead of a bunch of lame, half-hearted vehicles that don’t really make sense, why don’t they make more buildings with destructible / interactive features? A Gas Station with exploding gas pumps, a City Street with an opening manhole cover that leads down to a sewer environment, etc. That would fit characters like Hulk, Superman, etc a LOT better than these weird, made up vehicles. It’s almost as if they’re padding out the set with useless models in order to charge more for minifigs that fans want… oh, wait…

        • Norse Highlander

          We still have yet to get the GCPD, the Fortress of Solitude, the JL watchtower, Oa, Titans Tower, Apokolips, the Daily Planet, etc.

          • Davids19

            I would LOVE to see the Watchtower, but I think if LEGO was to make that set it would be very expensive. Unless they do a set like they did for the part of the Helicarrier in Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout, that may make it less expensive.

          • Norse Highlander

            The Watchtower, as well as the Hall of Justice, would be ideal opportunities to introduce B and C list League members like Vigilante and Guardian.

          • Matt

            Kids don’t care about that stuff. Think about it from a logical, non fanboy perspective

        • Norse Highlander

          Additionally, if the destructible environments can appear un-destroyed, then they can also double as part of a LEGO City playset. Its a win-win.

  • Igpay Atinlay

    This looks like a cheap Chinese lego knock off set. Hulks don’t need vehicles, male or female.

    • Matt

      It’s a toy to tie in to a cartoon I’d guess you don’t watch. Please come down off your high horse. Kids like vehicles so they make vehicles.

      • Ollie Davies

        He’s not on a ‘high horse’ he’s expressing an opinion. The only reason to get this defensive about something is if you designed it (if so, please try again).

  • David4

    The vehicles are horrible and LEGO charges more because it’s Super Heroes and not because of BigFig (Look at NinjaGo).

    However the vehicles suck. Maybe some vehicles for the She-Hulks and let the bigfigs fi it out in the streets.

    • Purple Dave

      Right, let’s kill this line of thought right now. Excluding keychains, flyers, Dimensions, UCS, carded minifig packs, and Mighty Micros, we have:

      Minifigs only:
      76044 – $12.99 – 91pcs – $0.14/pc
      76025 – $19.99 – 174pcs – $0.11/pc
      76053 – $19.99 – 224pcs – $0.09/pc
      76034 – $29.99 – 264pcs – $0.11/pc
      76045 – $29.99 – 306pcs – $0.10/pc
      76056 – $29.99 – 257pcs – $0.12/pc
      76046 – $59.99 – 517pcs – $0.12/pc
      76054 – $59.99 – 563pcs – $0.11/pc
      76035 – $119.99 – 1037pcs – $0.12/pc
      Average of $0.11/pc

      Bigfigs included:
      76026 – $49.99 – 347pcs – $0.14/pc
      76055 – $79.99 – 759pcs – $0.11/pc
      Average of $0.12/pc

      DC Superheroes average: $0.11/pc

      Minifigs only:
      76029 – $12.99 – 92pcs – $0.14/pc
      76036 – $12.99 – 97pcs -$0.13/pc
      76030 – $19.99 – 220pcs – $0.09/pc
      76050 – $19.99 – 179pcs – $0.11/pc
      76058 – $19.99 – 217pcs -$0.09/pc
      76047 – $29.99 – 287pcs – $0.10/pc
      76048 – $29.99 – 335pcs – $0.09/pc
      76037 – $39.99 – 386pcs – $0.10/pc
      76059 – $39.99 – 446pcs – $0.09/pc
      76038 – $59.99 – 515pcs – $0.12/pc
      76032 – $79.99 – 722pcs – $0.11/pc
      76051 – $79.99 – 807pcs – $0.10/pc
      76057 – $99.99 – 1092pcs – $0.09/pc
      Average of $0.10/pc

      Bigfigs included:
      76031 – $19.99 – 248pcs – $0.08/pc
      76049 – $59.99 – 523pcs – $0.11/pc
      Average of $0.10/pc

      Marvel Superheroes average: $0.10/pc

      Minifigs only:
      70599 – $9.99 – 98pcs – $0.10/pc
      70755 – $19.99 – 188pcs – $0.11/pc
      70591 – $19.99 – 207pcs – $0.10/pc
      70600 – $19.99 – 231pcs – $0.09/pc
      70601 – $19.99 – 221pcs – $0.09/pc
      70733 – $19.99 – 212pcs – $0.09/pc
      70756 – $24.99 – 215pcs – $0.12/pc
      70730 – $29.99 – 298pcs – $0.10/pc
      70746 – $29.99 – 311pcs – $0.10/pc
      70747 – $29.99 – 236pcs – $0.13/pc
      70588 – $29.99 – 342pcs – $0.09/pc
      70602 – $29.99 – 350pcs – $0.09/pc
      70603 – $29.99 – 294pcs – $0.10/pc
      70748 – $39.99 – 360pcs – $0.11/pc
      70589 – $39.99 – 406pcs – $0.10/pc
      70592 – $39.99 – 439pcs – $0.09/pc
      70731 – $39.99 – 386pcs – $0.10/pc
      70734 – $39.99 – 575pcs – $0.07/pc
      70593 – $49.99 – 567pcs – $0.08/pc
      70735 – $49.99 – 547pcs – $0.09/pc
      70749 – $59.99 – 529pcs – $0.11/pc
      70590 – $59.99 – 666pcs – $0.09/pc
      70737 – $59.99 – 754pcs – $0.08/pc
      70594 – $69.99 – 767pcs – $0.09/pc
      70736 – $69.99 – 658pcs – $0.11/pc
      70605 – $79.99 – 754pcs – $0.11/pc
      70595 – $99.99 – 1093pcs – $0.09/pc
      70732 – $99.99 – 1069pcs – $0.09/pc
      70596 – $119.99 – 1253pcs – $0.10/pc
      70738 – $119.99 – 1253pcs – $0.10/pc
      70751 – $199.99 – 2028pcs – $0.10/pc
      Average of $0.10/pc

      Bigfigs included:
      70604 – $49.99 – 450pcs – $0.11/pc
      Average of $0.11/pc

      Ninjago average of $0.10/pc

      So, average price on DC is running a hair north of $0.10/pc, Marvel is spot on, and Ninjago only deviates in terms of bigfig sets. However, Ninjago only has one bigfig set, and two sets actually come in worse.

      There was also a period when the dollar tanked against the kroner, and after a delay the USD prices began to reflect that across the board. Now we’re seeing prices swing back towards that $0.10/pc “gold standard”, but there are still quite a few older Superheroes sets listed on [email protected] that are skewing the results at the moment. Give it another couple years and both DC and Marvel averages should settle back down. Until then, I have every faith in my fellow AFOL continuing this bad habit of only noticing the prices on the extreme outlier sets and ignoring the majority that help level out the average. I already went through this almost 15 years ago when the mythical “licensing surcharge” first reared its head, and I was able to demonstrate that while Star Wars was averaging only about $0.09/pc, Town was in fact the most expensive minifig-based theme at over $0.11/pc (technically, Train was, but pretty much the entire theme had to be excluded based on inclusion of expensive electronics).

      • Very nice research done!

  • Matt

    Even funnier when they complain they don’t want to pay for the vehicles and go brick link the figures for almost as much as the actual set costs.

    Fanboys, hilarious creatures

  • Well it’s about Gamma time! I Always knew that The Incredible Hulk & The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. would soon join the legendary LEGO family!

  • Ollie Davies

    It’s not the greatest set ever, figures are alright though. I always thought Lego could do more to improve the articulation of its bigfigs.