LEGO Ninjago Returns to Cartoon Network on January 29

I just got an email from LEGO telling me what’s going this month at my local LEGO Store and in the middle of the email is an ad for a special television event Wednesday, January 29th 7/6c for LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on Cartoon Network. The image shows a battle-damaged Zane in his Techno Robe holding his Shuriken.

This event marks the return of Ninjago on TV and is the series’ third season. This time, the ninjas will not only go up against the Digital Overlord but they have to face off against his army of Nindroids as well. Check out a sneak peek of the new Ninjago series below.

LEGO Ninjago Cartoon Network

  • Vaughn Baskin

    I Can’t For Their Return, I Already Got All 5 New NinjaGo Sets Last Christmas!

  • legobrick223

    How do you get these email’s for Lego and how can I sign up to get them?
    Please tell me