There are some big things happening at LEGOLAND California Resort at the end of January and into February. An anonymous reader has sent me some unannounced information on what will be going on at the park. Since The LEGO Movie will be released the first week of February, the staff at LEGOLAND has been working hard to get the park ready for its premiere next month.

First, the park will have a big event at the end of this month to promote the movie and will have several of the cast members attending as VIP guests including Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Channing Tatum, and more. They are also rumored to be back again for the premiere.

Secondly, the Playtown Theater is currently under renovations and will be changed to become a walkthrough attraction that will feature special figures, models, and more from The LEGO Movie.

The LEGOLAND California Hotel has been booked by Warner Brothers for executives and their families for them to stay and enjoy the festivities at the park.

Finally, the LEGOLAND Wardrobe department has constructed a costume character of Emmet and he will be making appearances at the park and taking pictures with visitors following the movie’s release and maybe even before then.

There are no dates at this time but we’ll be getting more information in the near future and we’ll be updating as soon as we get them. It looks like a very exciting time at LEGOLAND California and I look forward to visiting in the near future!

Update: There are now dates to all the events happening at the park. The press junket event will be held on January 25th-27th. The Playtown Theater attraction is roughly scheduled to reopen on February 20th but members will have early access. It may open as early as February 7th if construction allows. Finally, the premiere event is scheduled for February 6th.

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