LEGO Blacktron II Inspired UCS Slave One

The LEGO Star Wars UCS Slave I (75060) has inspired many color swaps of the ship from Jango Fett to the White Prototype Boba Fett. One build that I came across on Reddit by Alg3braic is a LEGO Blacktron II inspired Slave One and I was drawn to it because I’m very partial to the Blacktron theme from the late 80s to the early 90s.

The build uses mostly the design of the official UCS Slave I but there’s also some customization to it especially the canopy area which took some ingenuity to implement the Blacktron canopy piece. Check out more images of the set in the link above.


The AFOL Poster Subscription Service Releases New April Artwork

Interested in LEGO Art? The AFOL Poster Subscription Service from Bricks on the Dollar has begun its mission to bring you original LEGO Artwork every month with their latest release, Galaxy Squad by Joe Cerniglia.

Every month a new artist will create distinctly LEGO-themed art in their own style. 11”x17” posters are available from the AFOL Poster Service website. Posters are tube-shipped to their recipients. For only $10 per month you will get the newest poster tube-shipped to you on the 1st of each month. Subscribers also get a short bio about the artist and the artwork as well as an official LEGO Minifigure from the depicted theme! If you want to pick and choose, the posters will be individually available on the 15th of each month for $13 shipped.

Check out the posters which are available right now. A new poster will be available each month while supplies last. Upcoming themes include Monster Fighters and more. Pick your favorites or sign up for the subscription to never miss a poster!

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LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue Building Instructions

Star Wars Celebration 2017 LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 is now over and for those who were able to get the exclusive LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue, they are some lucky individuals. Fans have been waiting patiently for the instructions to come out and it looks like BrickFinder was able to find someone who posted them.

The full building instructions have been generously uploaded to Google Drive which you can download a copy and it looks like there are no exclusive parts to the set so if you have all the parts, you can easily build your own sans the limited edition box. If you prefer to have the whole thing, eBay is the way to go and the price for it has been slowly dropping and you can get for less than $200 now. It’s not chump change but for collectors, it’s another thing to pick up.


The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Batwing (30542) Found at Target

A reader has emailed me that they have found The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Batwing (30542) polybag at Target stores. The polybag was originally a LEGO Store and [email protected] promotion with purchases of $35 or more back in December-January but it looks like Target will now start carrying it as well. I wasn’t told where it was found but I’m assuming it is in the checkout aisles or somewhere near the LEGO section of the store. If you didn’t get a chance to pick it up a few months ago, here’s your second chance. Thanks to Joseph for the heads up.


LEGO Star Wars StarScavenger (75147) Amazon Sale

Amazon currently has the LEGO Star Wars StarScavenger (75147) from The Freemaker Adventures on sale for $26.92 which is 46% off the retail price of $49.99. The four minifigures included with this set are exclusive and three of them will still be exclusive when the Summer 2017 Freemaker Adventures sets come out in a few months.

I’ve done a review of this set last year and it does have some nice play features that kids may enjoy.


April Monthly LEGO Giveaway from Bricks on the Dollar

Every month, Bricks on the Dollar gives away a sealed, vintage LEGO set. Interested in winning some FREE LEGO? All you need to do is enter the giveaway drawing with your email address HERE. Even better, they use the same sign-up form each month so all you need to do is bookmark this link, and you can enter every month to win another set!

The winner will be drawn on May 1st and contacted for their mailing address. On that same day, the May giveaway set will be announced and the sign-up form will be reset for the next drawing.

LEGO set 6579 Ice Surfer contains 39 parts and 1 Minifigure. It is the second smallest set from the Arctic theme which could be found on shelves in the year 2000. The Arctic theme introduced the original Polar Bear mold which was recently updated in the Forest Police and newer City Arctic themes. This set also contains 4 parts that are exclusive to this set!

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LEGO Seasonal Easter Egg Hunt (40237) Review

LEGO Seasonal Easter Egg Hunt (40237)

Easter is just around the corner and as as tradition, LEGO has released a Seasonal set with the Easter Egg Hunt (40237). The set has 145 pieces and retails for $9.99 although you can usually find it for half off after Easter has passed. The contents of the box include three unnumbered bags, a loose 6×8 baseplate, and the instructions.

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