LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gamescom 2017 Chronopolis Trailer

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Chronopolis

Gamescom 2017 has unofficially kicked off and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. In this trailer, they have shown off more of the hub world of Chronopolis and some of the areas we can visit suck has Nueva York, Wakanda, The Old West, Asgard, The Swamp, Knowhere, and The Coliseum. If you watched closely enough, you could also see some new characters that were revealed for the game including Adam Warlock, Man-Thing, Red Hulk, Maestro, Iron Fist, Heimdall, Black Bolt, Nebula, and White Tiger.

Let’s go to Chronopolis! Travel through a myriad of iconic Marvel locations, all ripped from time and space to form one huge, incredible open world for players to roam and explore, from the mythical land of Asgard and deep space base of Knowhere, to the vibrant jungle of Wakanda and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Other Marvel settings revealed in the trailer include the Coliseum, Hala, Hydra Empire, K’un-lun, Lemuria, Manhattan, Medieval England, Noir New York, Nueva York, Old West and The Swamp, which will be joined by Attilan, Kang’s Citadel and Xandar to make up sprawling open world that is Chronopolis.


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052) Sale on [email protected]

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052)

LEGO currently has a special promotion going on for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052) on [email protected], while supplies last. It is currently on sale for $199.99 whicih is about 26% off the regular price of $269.99. You can also get double points for purchasing the set and you will be getting a free The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure (71017) as well. Adding on to that, you also get the LEGO Iconic Cave (5004936) set and the LEGO Build to Learn Pack (5004933) as the more recent promo items. The Batcave is one of the direct-to-consumer sets that is reported to be retiring very soon and this promotion is a great time to pick it up if you haven’t yet. I’ve already reviewed the set last year if you want to check that out.


LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451) Now Has Free Worldwide Shipping

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

At the beginning of the month, I reported that the LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451) would be able to be purchased worldwide and we’ve just received information that it now includes FREE shipping as well. The folks over at Panama STEM Education, who is an authorized LEGO Education partner, has also sent over some new images of the set as well. This is a limited edition set which contains 1,184 pieces and retails for $249.95. I’ll have a review of the set soon so stay tuned for that.

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)

LEGO Education Panama Canal (2000451)


LEGO Build to Learn Pack (5004933) Available on [email protected]

LEGO Build to Learn Pack (5004933)

From now until the end of August, you can get a FREE LEGO Build to Learn Pack (5004933) with purchases of $35 or more at LEGO Brand Stores and on [email protected], while supplies last. The pack is intended for younger children to learn their alphabet and it also includes some bricks and stickers as well. The pack will automatically be added to your bag when you reach the $35 threshold.


Time to check back in with Clutch from Bricks on the Dollar

Clutch couldn’t slow himself down even if he knew how to. Here’s this month’s new poster, free LEGO giveaway, mystery box review, and also some new t-shirts!

The AFOL Poster Subscription Service releases new artwork

Interested in LEGO Art? The AFOL Poster Subscription Service from Bricks on the Dollar has begun its mission to bring you original LEGO Artwork every month with their latest release, 60036 Arctic Base Camp by Aaron Edzerza.

Every month a new artist will create distinctly LEGO-themed art in their own style. 11”x17” posters are available from the AFOL Poster Service website. Posters are tube-shipped to their recipients. For only $10 per month you will get the newest poster tube-shipped to you on the 1st of each month. Subscribers also get a short bio about the artist and the artwork as well as an official LEGO Minifigure from the depicted theme! If you want to pick and choose, the posters will be individually available on the 15th of each month for $13 shipped worldwide.

Check out the posters which are available right now. A new poster will be available each month while supplies last. Upcoming themes include Bionicle, Futuron, Agents, Marvel, & perhaps Ninjago? Pick up your favorites or sign up for the subscription to never miss a poster!

Monthly LEGO Giveaway from Bricks on the Dollar

Every month, Bricks on the Dollar gives away a sealed, vintage LEGO set. Interested in winning some FREE LEGO? All you need to do is enter the giveaway drawing with your email address HERE. Even better, they use the same sign-up form each month so all you need to do is bookmark this link, and you can enter every month to win another set!

The winner will be drawn on September 1st and contacted for their mailing address. On that same day, the September giveaway set will be announced and the sign-up form will be reset for the next drawing.

This month, Bricks on the Dollar is not giving away a sealed set, but is offering a set of two Tom Whalen SDCC 2017 LEGO Super Heroes Posters. Clutch won too many of them on eBay while shopping for himself and is giving away a copy of the Justice League poster and a copy of the Thor Ragnarok poster both to one lucky winner.

Clutch’s Secret Stash: The LEGO Mystery Box You Didn’t Know About

In July, Bricks on the Dollar launched their own LEGO-themed Monthly Mystery Box. Is the age of Mystery Boxes over? Perhaps. But where other LEGO-themed Mystery Boxes focus on education, knock-offs, or just a scoop of used bricks, Clutch’s Secret Stash promotes the celebration of the LEGO Lifestyle among Fans Of LEGO.

Here’s an image of what subscribers received in the August box.

Brickolini Pizzeria fridge magnet
The Guarded Inn bottle opener
Octan bottle cap
6x retired pneumatic t-bar
Vitruvian Minifigure sticker
8x new modified round brick with spikes
Neighborhood Watch sticker
Unique graffiti LEGO ad page by Jiskone

Sign up now and join the September 2017 shipping list. The next boxes ship out very soon!

You can also check out review videos here.

Clutch sells crazy t-shirts on Amazon?

Bricks on the Dollar has been uploading t-shirt designs to Amazon using their Merch By Amazon program. Check out the shirts that have been uploaded so far and check back for new designs as they are approved.

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LEGO Dimensions The Powerpuff Girls Trailer Video

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today has released a new trailer video for the LEGO Dimensions The Powerpuff Girls. There will be both a Team Pack (71346) featuring Blossom and Bubbles along with PPG Smartphone and Octi builds as well as a Fun Pack (71343) that has Buttercup and Mega Blast Bot.

The latest LEGO® Dimensions™ trailer introduces the crime-stopping trio, Blossom™, Bubbles™ and Buttercup™, as they lend their dynamic powers to the game in LEGO form for the upcoming Team and Fun Packs. With these new packs, players will be able to build the sugar-coated, Chemical X superheroes and launch them into the LEGO® Dimensions™ Multiverse to save the day. In the game, players can fly around and use ultra-super powers to fight crime and battle the forces of evil, visit the exclusive Adventure World to unlock iconic locations like Pokey Oaks elementary, Rainbow Land, and Professor Utonium’s lab, and also go head-to-head in the Battle Arena for endless fun!


The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Ninjagility Vignette

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game which is a vignette of featuring the heroes’ Ninjagility. This is basically some of the moves the ninjas are able to do including jumping higher, kicking harder, and wall running just to name a few. You can see that you can pilot some vehicles including the Fire Mech and Quake Mech.

One little hint the video showed off is that Cole was seen fighting an Anacondrai. That means that there will be some content from the TV series that will be in the game. We’ll have to wait and see how much TV content will actually be included since the game is supposed to be focused on the movie.

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