LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) Amazon Sale

One of the better sets from last year was the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) and Amazon has a pretty good deal on it for 33% off the normal price. It is currently on sale for $53.99 which equates to a $26 savings.

The minifigures included in the set are Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine and Agent 13. There’s also the Ant-Man microfigure as well as the Giant Man build as well.


LEGO Unikitty Cartoon Network Show Officially Announced

Cartoon Network Unikitty

Cartoon Network has officially announced that a new LEGO Unikitty show will be coming to the network later this year. There will be some new character being introduced in the show including Unikitty’s brother, Puppycorn and her bodyguard, Hawkodile. Also living inside the castle is Dr. Fox.

The voice cast includes Tara Strong, Grey Griffin, Kate Micucci, Roger Craig Smith, Eric Bauza, and H. Michael Croner. Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Roy Lee, Jill Wilfert will be the executive producers of the show.

As ruler of the kingdom, Unikitty has busy days full of royal responsibilities. Unikitty is most interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity, but don’t misunderstand her optimism – she is one kitty not to be crossed. While she may be full of boundless energy and creativity, Unikitty is a force to be reckoned with if anyone gets in the way of spreading her positive vibes, especially if anyone makes her little brother and best friend, Puppycorn, sad. Also living in the castle are Dr. Fox, the resident scientist, and Unikitty’s trusty bodyguard, Hawkodile. Through it all, Unikitty and her friends make sure that every day is the happiest and most creative ever.

Cartoon Network Unikitty


LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans Go! Raven In-Game Look

LEGO Dimensions Year 2

The Wave 8 LEGO Dimensions expansion packs are now available and in The Goonies Level Pack (71267), there’s a little teaser for Raven from Teen Titans Go!

As you can see from the clip below from Bricks to Life, Raven is shown coming in from a Keystone and smashing the ceiling with a giant hand. This is the first animated look at the popular character which is rumored to be in a future Team Pack along with Beast Boy. Other franchises included in Wave 9 are The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice.


Did LEGO Accidentally Confirm LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon?

There has been lots of rumored regarding the new LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon. Back in January, there were details about the ship itself while in April, there were details about some of the minifigures. There was even a reported price point of $799.99 for it.

The latest intel that was revealed was on LEGO [email protected] itself. Earlier today, when people did a search for “UCS Millennium Falcon,” you would get a a coming soon page with the message, “Coming soon. You’re ahead of the game! That product is coming soon. Try again later!” This message was confirmed by others in various regions of the world as well. As of this writing, it looks like LEGO has fixed the query and it comes up with the no results found message.

Did LEGO accidentally reveal that there is a new UCS Millennium Falcon coming? Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it as well.


Last Part of LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137) Revealed

LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137)

For the past few days, the LEGO social media team has been releasing teaser images for the upcoming LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137) and today was the last piece of the puzzle. Today’s reveal was the lower right corner to show the cave entrance as well as some slime and the Enderman. Thanks to CM4Sci for the image to show a mostly complete image of the set which was created by Charlie who goes by the name of Chewk in the LEGO community.

LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137)


LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Now Available for Purchase

The LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 expansion packs are now available for purchase starting today. The packs included in this wave are the LEGO City Fun Pack (71266), The Goonies Level Pack (71267), and the Hermione Fun Pack (71348). In a short few weeks, we should start getting official details of Wave 9 which includes Beetlejuice, The Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans Go!

LEGO City Fun Pack (71266)

Help stop crime in the LEGO Dimensions multiverse with LEGO City’s Chase McCain. Build and place Chase on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game. Use his LEGO City Detective Scanner to track down bad guys and change his disguise to unlock more abilities. Become a Miner to break Silver LEGO bricks or a Fireman to use your Water Beam to put out fires. Unlock the LEGO City Adventure World to explore new areas like Blackwell’s moonbase and the LEGO City Police Department, and the Battle Arena to compete with up to 4 of your friends. Build Chase’s Police Helicopter to fire off bolts, then rebuild it into the Police Hovercraft and Police Plane for additional in-game abilities.

The Goonies Level Pack (71267)

Hey, you guuuys! Help Sloth and Chunk escape the Fratelli hideout and join the rest of the Goonies on their search for One Eyed Willy’s treasure. Make a break from the Fratelli family as they chase you through the pirate ship, but don’t forget to dodge the traps! Build Sloth and use his Super Strength to smash through walls. For extra fun, play as Chunk and use his infamous Truffle Shuffle. Hop on to One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship when you need a ride or play the Skeleton Organ to make your way out of the caves. Rebuild One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship into Fanged Fortune and the Inferno Cannon, and the Skeleton Organ into Skeleton Jukebox and Skele-Turkey for added game play. Explore Mikey’s House, Inferno Cove, and the Goon Docks in the Goonies Adventure World, and compete with up to 4 of your friends in the Goonies Battle Arena.

Hermione Fun Pack (71348)

Continue your wizarding adventures in LEGO Dimensions with your very own Hermione Granger Fun Pack. Build and place Hermione on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring her to life in the game where she can cast Wingardium Leviosa to levitate objects and Lumos to light up dark places. Unlock the Adventure World to explore locations in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, and the Battle Arena to play any of the 4 Battle Modes. Build Buckbeak and use his Stomp Attack to smash Silver LEGO bricks, then rebuild him into the Giant Owl and the Fierce Falcon for additional in-game abilities.


LEGO Teases Another Part of LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137)

LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137)

Earlier today, LEGO revealed another teaser image for the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137) and this image connects to the previous ones to get a clear image of the whole thing. From the looks of it, there’s probably one last teaser image until the official reveal some time in the next few weeks. I did a rough edit of all of the teasers stitched together to show what the Mountain Cave looks so far.

LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137)

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