“New” LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Screenshots

Wolverine & Silver Samurai

There are a couple of “new” LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game screenshots of some more of characters that will be in the game. Why did I put new in quotes? It’s because if you were at the LEGO Marvel panel at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, you’ve probably already seen these shots from the character reveal and gameplay. For the individuals who didn’t get to see the panel, TT Games has released some screenshots of Wolverine, Jean Grey, Silver Samurai, and Viper. All four characters are available as playable characters. Also, don’t forget there is still time to pre-order the game from Walmart and get the Iron Patriot minifigure and the Gun Mounting System (30168). If you’re across the pond in the UK, the minifigure is available through Amazon.co.uk. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be released on October 22 here and November 15 in the UK.

Wolverine & Silver Samurai Wolverine & Jean Grey Silver Samurai Viper Viper Viper

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LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015) Review

The summer wave of the 2013 LEGO Star Wars sets have started to show up in stores and a friend urged me to pick up one of these sets yesterday. There are only a few of the summer sets that I am looking to get and one of them was the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015). This set recreates the scene of the start of the First Battle of Geonosis although it wasn’t seen in Episode II.

This set contains 271 pieces and retails for $19.99 which is a great $0.07/piece although it is a little skewed. I’ll explain more of that later. The box contains two numbered bags, one instruction booklet, and two grey inverted dishes.

LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015) LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)
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August 2013 LEGO Promotions and Releases

LEGO August Calendar

August is upon us and there are some new LEGO promotions as well as many set releases in the beginning of the month at brick and mortar stores as well as on [email protected]icon. First, you can get a FREE LEGO Friends Ice Cream Stand (30106) with and LEGO Friends purchase. This offer is valid through the month of August while supplies last.

Another promotion is you can get a FREE LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech (30230) with any purchase of $50 or more. This offer is only valid from August 1-16, while supplies last.

There are also a couple of building events during the month of August. On the 1st, take your child to the LEGO store and participate in an event to build and decorate a LEGO Friends Jewelry Box. Another event is the Monthly Mini Model Build and this month is a flamingo.

As mentioned before, August marks the month for many LEGO set releases for various themes. Below are some notable sets:

LEGO Architecture Studio (21050)icon – 1210 pieces/$149.99

LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine (21103)icon – 401 pieces/$34.99

LEGO Technic 4×4 Crawler Exclusive Edition (41999)icon – 1585 pieces/$199.99

LEGO City Coast Guard Plane (60015)icon – 279 pieces/$44.99
LEGO City Stunt Plane (60019)icon – 140 pieces/$19.99
LEGO City Cargo Truck (60020)icon – 321 pieces/$39.99
LEGO City Cargo Heliplane (60021)icon – 393 pieces/$44.99
LEGO City Cargo Terminal (60022)icon – 658 pieces/$99.99
LEGO City Starter Set (60023)icon – 272 pieces/$29.99
LEGO City Grand Prix Truck (60025)icon – 315 pieces/$29.99
LEGO City Town Square (60026)icon – 914 pieces/$119.99
LEGO City Monster Truck Transporter (60027)icon – 299 pieces/$29.99

LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)icon – 271 pieces/$19.99
LEGO Star Wars Homing Spider Droid (75016)icon – 295 pieces/$29.99
LEGO Star Wars Duel on Geonosis (75017)icon – 391 pieces/$39.99
LEGO Star Wars JEK-14’s Stealth Starfighter (75018)icon – 550 pieces/$69.99
LEGO Star Wars AT-TE (75019)icon – 794 pieces/$89.99
LEGO Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020)icon – 850 pieces/$119.99
LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship (75021)icon – 1175 pieces/$119.99
LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder (75022)icon – 211 pieces/$24.99
LEGO Star Wars HH-87 Starhopper (75024)icon – 362 pieces/$39.99
LEGO Star Wars Jedi Defender-class Cruiser (75025)icon – 927 pieces/$89.99


LEGO MBA Invention Designer (20215) Kit 12 – Inventor’s Lab Review

The third and final book of the LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (20215) is Kit 12 – Inventor’s Lab. This book focuses on different inventions and mechanisms inspired by Leonardo da Vinci from LEGO Designer Steen Sig Andersen. Like the first two books, there are instructions for a main model and three springboard models. In addition, you can access seven more springboard models on the LEGO Master Builder Academy website.

LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (20215) LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (20215)

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To Azog or Not To Azog

You may have heard by now but there was a mysterious Azog given away randomly at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Nobody knew when it was given away since it was just handed out by casual clothed employees. Only 100 of Azog was given out and the exclusiveness of it has driven the prices on the minifigure to unheard of amounts on eBay.

As of this writing, there are at least $13,000 worth of Azog minifigures that have already been sold on eBay, including one that sold for $299.95 which is a steal compared to the others. Although another fairly exclusive minifigure have been going for a lot, Mr. Gold, none have match the highest Azog minifigure at $1750. For the completists, this amount is most likely unattainable and their collection will now have a blemish. The difference is that there are 5000 Mr. Gold minifigures compared to only 100 of Azog.

The question is, who is to blame for the absurd amounts that they’re going for? Is it LEGO’s fault for giving out the exclusively exclusive Azog and limiting them to 100 and only attendees had a chance to get it or is it the sellers greediness that has made the prices so inflated?

Some may say that the blame goes to LEGO because they gave it out to random attendees and the people who couldn’t go will never have a chance to get it. Others say that it’s the sellers’ fault because they’re just there to make a quick buck. It is worth noting that an Azog minifigure will be in a set later this year but in a different color. What’s your point of view on this issue?

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game UK Pre-Order Bonus

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Walmart Pre-order - Iron Patriot

Our friends over at Brick Fanatics is reporting that the UK will have the Iron Patriot minifigure (30168) as a pre-order bonus for purchasing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game from Amazon.co.uk. It looks like that you can also get the Iron Patriot with the handheld versions of the game including the Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo DS. The game will be available in the UK on November 15th.

If you’re here in the States, Walmart is still offering the minifigure as the pre-order bonus but it is only available for the console system versions. Over here, the game is available on October 22nd, however, I do wish that Amazon here offered the same bonus as the on in the UK.


Barnes & Noble LEGO Architecture Studio Event

Yesterday, I attended one of the many LEGO Architecture events held in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the United States. The event was to talk about aspects of the design process in architecture as well as to promote the new LEGO Architecture Studio (21050) set.

At the event, there were a couple of guest speakers that were invited to speak to the attendees: MiraCosta College Drafting & Architecture professor, David Parker, and former Master Model Designer and fellow SandLUG member, Mariann Asanuma. She also runs the popular site, Model Building Secrets so if you want to learn some juicy secrets from a LEGO Master Model Builder, I suggest heading over there and checking the site out. Kevin, Ambassador of SandLUG, was also available to show off a few his amazing modular buildings.

Barnes & Noble LEGO Architecture Event Barnes & Noble LEGO Architecture Event

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