It’s that time when we start seeing images for the Summer 2015 LEGO sets but it’s also the time when we start seeing leaked images that are watermarked with the “Confidential” stamp. These images are usually from catalogs that retailers have and they’re itching to share sets that are coming out later this year. Publishing and distributing of these images are not allowed by LEGO although it doesn’t stop people from doing it.

The watermarked imaged images are pretty low quality and usually doesn’t reflect the final product although there are similarities between them. Yes, I have seen the images that have come out the past couple of days for various themes but please do not leave those links in our comment sections. I will be deleting them and if there are repeat offenders, I will be banning them from commenting. I’ve already had to delete a quite few of them already the past two days or so and will be continuing to delete them if I see them on my posts. Read more on LEGO’s policy of these images over on Brickset.

Other sites might be posting them or to the links with the images to get more traffic or whatnot but I’m not about that. I want quality posts that give quality to the readers, not showing off low quality images that’s hard to see the details. I have no direct relationship with The LEGO Group but I do respect their policies. Patience is virtue and the official images will be released in due time and I will definitely be posting them when they are available so just hold your horses for a little longer. We will also be seeing images from the 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair this Wednesday and at the 2015 New York Toy Fair next month so there’s really no need for the leaked ones. Keep calm and build on.

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