Beautiful Lego 3: CALL FOR ENTRIES

After the success of Beautiful LEGO and Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, Mike Doyle is getting ready to release Beautiful LEGO 3. He is currently doing an open call for entries to his next book. The theme for the next release is Nature so plants, animals, and other natural objects related to the theme is fine.

There are also some requirements that Mike likes to adhere to if you’ve looked through his previous books. The objects must be an original work and photographs must be high quality because most likely he’ll be using that image in the book. Also, you can’t glue or use non-LEGO elements in your MOC. He doesn’t like minifigures so try not to use them either. The building technique of spilling LEGO pieces into piles to simulate things like water are also disliked.

There are also some ideas given for the Nature theme so you can brainstorm some things you may want to create and submit.

Animal character
Plant characters
Trees or large detailed tree
Weather effects (tornado, snow, tsunami, etc)
Sci-fi landscape
Plants or weird plants (flytrap)
Wild animals

If you’re interested in submitting your MOCs for Beautiful LEGO 3, head over to the Flickr Group and add your entry to the pool and it may be good enough to be chosen to be included in the book. The last day to enter is March 15th so you have about a month to submit your MOC(s).

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