To celebrate the first birthday, LEGO Ideas has made some important changes to the lifespan of projects. Every project will now be given one year (365 days) to achieve 10,000 supporters and will be awarded more time when they hit certain milestones. For projects that get 1,000 supporters, they will get an additional 6 months (182 days) and if projects reach 5,000 supporters before time is up, they will get another 6 month extension (182 days). That means projects now have the potential to get a maximum of two years (729 days) to get 10,000 supporters.

For those projects that are currently very close to hitting 10k with only a few days left to go, they can now breathe a sigh of relief as they now have more time to get the required number of supporters. This change also helps projects that aren’t IP-related ones as they sometimes get looked over for projects that do have IPs so that’s cool. Head over to the blog post to read more about the major changes coming to LEGO Ideas.

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