There’s been a plethora of new LEGO marketplaces and trading sites that have come online in the past few months. Back in May, Project Swapfig was launched as a LEGO Collectible Minifigure trading site. A month later, Bricktrader started up as an auction trading site. Three weeks ago, it was announced that the popular LEGO marketplace, BrickLink was sold to Korean game giant Nexon. Today marks the arrival of Brick Owl. I’ve taken a look around the site and it looks like it’ll be giving BrickLink a serious run for it’s money although time will tell if it will be successful as it’s competition. The site has a clean design and runs amazingly fast. One nice feature is that Brick Owl is able to be integrate your wishlist from LDraw, LDD, or Brickstore. As of this writing, there are already 114 stores set up for you to purchase from. Below is the press release for Brick Owl:

Brick Owl is a new marketplace to buy and sell LEGO Parts, Minifigures and Sets. It’s been designed to be used by anybody but still have all of the advanced features that AFOLs need. Some of the features of the website include:

  • Instant checkout including instant payment via PayPal and shipping rates visible upfront while items are being added to the cart
  • Wishlist buying tool – Brick Owl will tell you which stores have your Wishlist items, how much they cost including shipping, and then let you choose which stores to buy from and add all the items to the carts at once
  • Wishlist importing from Lego Digital designer, LDraw, BrickStore
  • Advanced search including filters and tags so for example you can find all of the smiling female faces
  • Catalog Points – approved catalog changes are awarded catalog points which can be exchanged for prizes such as Keychains or a White Boba Fett
  • BrickLink synchronisation, so store inventories can be kept in sync on both websites
  • Customisable storefronts with the custom pages, colour schemes, and details about the store such as whether you sort mold variations
  • Security has been baked in from the start. The site is based on Drupal which is used by thousands of websites including the White House
  • We’re having some promotions to encourage people to come and take a look.

  • The first 100 people to sign up and start filling their Wishlist will win a free Series 10 Minifigure
  • For sellers, every lot listed in a store will count as one entry into a prize draw to win a 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter
  • Any store created in the first month (before the end of July) will receive free fees until the end of the year.

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