BrickLink has announced a new pilot program called the MOC Pop-Up Store which allows select BrickLink Designer Program submissions available for purchase through the BrickLink Marketplace and on LEGO Pick-a-Brick.

Fans will be able to purchase digital instructions from the BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 and 2 and can either use BrickLink or LEGO Pick-a-Brick to get the parts from. Essentially, this means you can purchase some of the other builds that weren’t chosen from the five finalists from each series.

The BrickLink MOC Pop-Up Store will only be inviting a select group of 5 BDP fan designers to participate so it’s possible that you may not see projects that were previously voted on before. The pilot will run from August 29 through mid November.

MOC Pop-Up Store pilot will make select BrickLink Designer Program submissions available for purchase through BrickLink Marketplace and LEGO Pick a Brick this fall.

Fans will be able to order digital building instructions and choose to have loose elements fulfilled by either BrickLink Marketplace sellers or LEGO Pick a Brick for a limited time.

Los Angeles, USA – July 5, 2023: Today, BrickLink announces the MOC Pop-Up Store pilot, a test program that allows LEGO® fans to purchase digital building instructions and loose elements of select BrickLink Designer Program submissions. Buyers will have the choice of ordering exclusively through BrickLink Marketplace sellers or a combination of Marketplace sellers and LEGO Pick a Brick. The
program will run from August 29th through mid-November 2023, after which it will be evaluated, and next steps considered.

With the MOC Pop-Up Store, members will be able to purchase the building instructions and loose parts to build fan designs submitted to BDP Series 1 & Series 2 that were not selected among the five Finalists for crowdfunding. MOC stands for “My Own Creation,” a popular acronym for one’s own custom LEGO
models popular in the adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.

“We believe this new initiative generates a win-win-win situation for both members that have fallen in love with these designs during BDP crowd validation, The BrickLink Marketplace sellers that will likely see an increase in sales, and the fan designers that have put a huge effort in to their BDP submission designs,” says Tanja Friberg, Director of Community Engagement for LEGO BrickLink.

The MOC Pop-Up store is a pilot, so we are only inviting a select group of 50 BDP fan designers to participate. Select fan designers will receive invitations throughout July and early August.

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