For those who purchased the BrickLink Designer Program Sheriff’s Safe (910016), there is a design issue with the set that you need to be aware of. The fan designer has noted that LEGO/BrickLink has decided to change one of the required Technic pins which makes the locking mechanism not work on the set which is a major problem since that’s the point of a safe, to lock things up.

Included in the set are 10x 32002 1 1/2 M CONNECTING BUSH but you actually need 4274 CONNECTOR PEG W. KNOB. If you’ve built any LEGO set that has pins, you most likely will have some spare pieces laying around but you may want to contact LEGO Customer Service and explain what happened to get them replaced. I haven’t received my set yet but hopefully it is fixed before it ships out.

IMPORTANT – SHERIFF’s SAFE OWNERS PLEASE READ There’s a small but fatal mistake in the building instructions, that makes the lock NOT work. See the attached image for instructions on how to fix this! It’s caused by 10x Technic 3/4 pins (32002) in the lock mechanism. These were suppose to be Technic 1/2 pins (4274), but for some reason Bricklink has replaced them. I will contact Bricklink and urge them to correct this mistake. To be continued…

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