Round 2 of the BrickLink Designer Program is set to begin crowdfunding in exactly a week but there has been a change to a project that you could’ve supported. Brickwest Studios was set to be part of the round 2 lineup but due to the tragedy on the Rust movie set a few weeks ago, BrickLink has decided to move it to Round 3 instead out of respect to everyone affected. Taking its place is Venetian Houses which will be selling for $289.99/€244.99. You can read BrickLink’s official statement below.

As you might have heard, there has been a recent tragic incident on the movie set of Rust. Due to this tragedy, we have decided to move Brick West Studios to Round 3 and move Venetian Houses in to Round 2 to take its place.

We are doing this out of respect for people affected by the recent tragedy on the movie set of Rust. We didn’t want to draw any unintended and inappropriate association between the fan design and the tragedy at this difficult time.

Venetian Houses will sell for USD 289.99/ EUR 244,99.

We communicated this to the fan designers affected by this last week. I want to say a warm thank you to them for their understanding!

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