The day is finally here where the first BrickLink Designer Program crowdfunding round has officially started and you can now place pre-orders on the projects. What this is program is about is these projects were previously rejected on LEGO Ideas but now have a second chance for fans who wanted them. There were originally eight projects for this round but the Mountain View Observatory has been pushed back to a future crowdfunding round.

The first five projects to reach 3,000 pre-orders will be produced and there will be a limit of 5,000 of each. If a project fails to get 3,000 pre-orders, all the pre-orders will be cancelled and you won’t get charged for it. One question that was asked about pre-ordering was the shipping charge. You’ll be glad to know that shipping will be FREE to all countries BrickLink ships to.

There will be two more rounds of crowdfunding for this fall which will have up to 15 out of the 26 projects that are part of the program.

Great Fishing Boat

Sheriff’s Safe

Pursuit of Flight

Bionicle Legends


The Castle in the Forest

Particle Accelerator

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