In less than 30 minutes, we already know the five sets that LEGO and BrickLink will be producing for round 3 of the BrickLink Designer Program. This unfortunately means that four of the projects will not be produced. The five that will still be taking pre-orders until include 1950’s Diner (910011), Train Station: Studgate (910002), Winter Chalet (910004), Modular Construction Site (910008), and Mountain View Observatory (910027). Pre-orders will still go on for 34 more days or until they hit 10,000 which some of them are getting close to. Since you checkout on the LEGO Shop, make sure you use Rakuten to earn back some money on your purchase.

1950’s Diner (910011) – 129.99/1,377 pieces

Train Station: Studgate (910002) – $399.99/4,062 pieces

Winter Chalet (910004) – $199.99/2,705 pieces

Modular Construction Site (910008) – $319.99/3,371 pieces

Mountain View Observatory (910027) – $319.99/3,889 pieces

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