Round 3 of the BrickLink Designer Program should be starting some time in 2022 and there are nine projects left in this beginning run of program. These projects initially hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas but were not approved to become an official LEGO Ideas set but they have a second chance at becoming a LEGO set if it is one of the first five projects to reach 3,000 pre-orders in a particular round.

For Round 3, there are nine final projects which you can check out below. There were two projects that were from previous rounds that got pushed back to the final round which may or may not be good since there are a few nice ones that are competing with them for the five spots. Most of the projects are still in the test building stage so there’s still lots of time left to get them ready to be voted on.

Space Troopers!

1950s Diner

Train Station: Studgate

Working Waterfall


Winter Chalet

Modular Construction Site

Mountain View Observatory

Brickwest Studios

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