BrickLink has announced that the BrickLink Designer Program will be returning as a permanent program as of right now. Series 1, as they dubbed it, will be similar to the Invitational back in 2021 but with some changes to support the new program. The main thing is that all sets that the five designs that get 3,000 pre-orders will be produced and up to 20,000 sets will be made. Submissions will start in about 53 days from this post. Below is the estimated timetable for what will be going on for BrickLink Designer Program Series 1.

• Create your designs (December 9, 2022 — February 2023) – Design your models in Studio. Follow the Submission Guidelines.

• Open Submission (February 1 — 28, 2023) – Submit your models during a 4-week window to be considered before the deadline on February 28, 2023 at noon Pacific US time.

• Crowd Support (March 7 — March 31, 2023) – We invite all BrickLink members to vote for their favorite submissions. This crowd vote weighs in alongside the BDP’s internal selection criteria and influences the designs chosen for crowdfunding.

• Review (April — May 2023) – Our team checks every design for building experience, brand fit, and crowd favorites.

• 5 Designs Announced (Late May 2023) – We’ll reveal the five Series 1 designs. Then we’ll collaborate with fan designers to prepare them for production.

• Crowdfunding (February 2024) – BrickLink members may pre-order their favorite sets, with a limit of 2 of each set per household. All sets that receive over 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. Up to 20,000 of each set will be manufactured during a limited, one-time production run.

• Production and Shipping (Summer/Fall 2024) – We produce the sets in the factory. Orders will be ready to ship approximately 6 months after pre-ordering. Actual dates and shipping times may vary.

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