The first crowdfunding round for the BrickLink Designer Program came and went just like that and it didn’t go over well with some fans with some of the issues they had. They have put out a statement saying they’ve read your comments and frustrations and will give an update some time next week.

As we know by now, there were some glaring issues right from the get-go. First was the site crashes when the pre-orders started. Next was the 5,000 limit which went way quicker than expected. There was a recent article by Jay’s Brick Blog stating that the 5,000 limit was intentional due to manufacturing constraints and if they made more, the satisfaction of owning a limited edition set goes down. I can tell you that there are more unsatisfied fans than happy ones right now.

The 40 day crowdfunding time that they provided was way overestimated as the projects reached the goal in less than a day. Lastly was the purchasing limit of five per project. This allowed mainly scalpers to buy up stock and left legit buyers out.

We’ll see what BrickLink has to say next week and if they address some of these issues. Were you able to get what you wanted? Personally, I just bought the Sheriff’s Safe.

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