If you’ve been on BrickLink the past few hours, you may have gotten a maintenance message but behind the scenes, the site may have been hacked. The main page gives the following message:

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We are currently investigating some unusual activity, so it’s too early to speculate further. We will share more information once it’s available.

In addition, it also appears that there have been ransom messages sent out to a number of BrickLink accounts for both buyers and sellers wanting Cryptocurrency or else items and store inventories will get deleted.

Obviously, if you have a BrickLink account and have used the same password for other platforms, I would suggest changing those passwords just to be safe. There’s been no official word from BrickLink or LEGO at this time and we’ll see if they do give any updates on the situation.

Thanks to Michael on Meta for the heads up on this piece of news.

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