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LEGO Colosseum (10276) on Backorder Status with Roman Chariot Promo

The LEGO Colosseum (10276) is now listed as backorder status but you are now able to put your orders in for it. In addition for VIPs, you can also get the Roman Chariot (5006293) with the purchase. This promotion was for Black Friday last year but the set sold out quickly and not many people were able to get their orders in for it. I guess LEGO still has stock of this exclusive set as the secondary market on it has been hovering between $45-$80. Orders of the Colosseum will ship by January 17.


LEGO Porsche 911 (10295) Rumored for Vehicle Collection Theme

Continuing with more big rumors coming out today, there is one for a new LEGO Porsche 911 (10295). It is set that it will have 1,458 pieces and priced around $149.99. The Porsche 911 will be the first car in the new Vehicle Collection like similar to the Botanical Collection which is part of the adult 18+ builds. It will be released on March 1 and will also have a VIP launch for it as well. As always, these are purely rumors until LEGO announces them or images show up at an online shop.

**Via Promobricks**


More LEGO Sets Added to Retiring Soon List

There are some new LEGO sets that have been revealed to be retiring soon according to some images from our local LEGO Brand Store. The oldest set on the list is the Assembly Square which was released back in 2017. Unfortunately, they are all temporarily out of stock on the LEGO Shop so the best chance to get them is at the LEGO Store at this point. Try using the Check Store Stock feature on the product pages to see if your local store has it in stock. Thanks to John for the heads up.

• LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255) – LEGO Shop | Amazon (In-stock)
• LEGO Creator Roller Coaster (10261) – LEGO Shop | Amazon (3rd Party)
• LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils (21320) – LEGO Shop | Amazon (3rd Party)


LEGO 2021 Smaller Set Product Details

The LEGO Shop has upload the product listings for some of the smaller sets that were recently revealed. As part of the listings, we also get clearer images of the set as well as the pricing for each of them. LEGO is slowly adding them so most of what we’ve seen already don’t have details yet.


Smaller LEGO 2021 Sets Revealed

Yesterday, a lot of smaller LEGO sets have been revealed over on Brickset which comes from LEGO’s certifications that they have to file to produce them. This includes the LEGO Ideas Vintage Car (40448) that we saw already. The resolution on the images are bad but you get an idea of what they should look like.


LEGO 2021 Polybags Revealed

If you’re a LEGO polybag collector, there is a slew of new 2021 polybags that have been revealed for a wide range of themes. There are even some very cool ingenious ones you may enjoy. Expect to find them at various retailers including LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers next year.


New LEGO 2021 Sets Revealed in LEGO Catalog

A short while ago, the LEGO Jan-May 2021 New Zealand Catalog was released and there are a lot of sets shown that we haven’t seen before from a number of themes. The most interesting ones for me are the LEGO Ninjago ones which has an old-school Islanders feel to them with the new season of LEGO Ninjago: the Island.

**Via Brickset**

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