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LEGO City, Juniors, and Friends 2014 Official Images

LEGO City Crook Pursuit (60041) LEGO City Crook Pursuit (60041) has posted most of the 2014 LEGO City and Juniors sets as well as one of the Friends sets on their site. I’ll update the rest of the City and Junior sets here when they become available. Enjoy!


LEGO Polybags at Target Store Christmas Sections

We’ve just got a report from a reader of some LEGO polybags that are in the Christmas section of Target stores. There are three different polybags that Target is selling as stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season: Friends Ice Cream Stand (30106), Seasonal Christmas Train (40034), and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kraang’s Turtle Target Practice (30270). If you didn’t get a chance to get the TMNT one a few months ago at Toys R Us, you now have a second chance to pick them up.


LEGO Friends 2014 Partial Official Set Images

LEGO Friends

Kmart yet again has spilled the beans on some images of 2014 LEGO sets, this time it is the Friends theme. They have listed the set descriptions as well as the official images of a few of the Friends sets.

Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027) – $9.99

Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027)

Sell fresh lemonade, cookies and fruit at LEGO® Friends Mia’s Lemonade Stand with a scooter, fruit squeezer, cash register and more.

Welcome to Mia’s Lemonade Stand! Drive her to the stand on her mint green scooter and help her open it for her friends. Put out the cookies and help her make delicious fresh lemonade. Work the fruit squeezer to mix a tasty drink and serve it up! Mia has decided to give her profits to charity so she’s hoping for lots of customers! Includes Mia mini-doll figure with assorted accessories.

  • Includes Mia mini-doll figure
  • Features Lemonade Stand with a juice squeezer, lemonade and chair
  • Scooter features cool mint-green color, a pink box on the back and turning wheels
  • Accessories include a helmet, plate with cookies, glasses, a jar for the lemonade, money and pretty flowers
  • Make delicious drinks with the fruit squeezer
  • Have yummy fruit drinks in the fresh air
  • Help Mia ride to the stand on her cute mint green scooter
  • Lemonade stand measures over 3” (7cm) high, 7” (12cm) wide and 4” (3cm) deep
  • Scooter measures over 1” (3cm) high, 1” (5cm) long and under 1” (1cm) wide
  • Recommended age: 5 – 12 years

Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027) Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027) Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027) Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027) Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027)

Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028) – $9.99

Emma's Lifeguard Post (41028)

Keep the swimmers safe with LEGO® Friends


LEGO 2014 Tentative Set Pricing

German online retailer Werst has listed quite a few 2014 LEGO sets with pricing to their inventory for pre-order. The only theme that wasn’t listed were the 2014 Chima sets. The prices are in Euro but it’s usually the same or close to US pricing.


60041 Crook Pursuit – $5.99
60042 High Speed Police Chase – $14.99
60043 Prisoner Transport – $19.99
60044 Mobile Police Unit – $29.99
60045 Police Patrol – $39.99
60046 Helicopter Surveillance – $59.99
60047 Police Station – $99.99
60048 Hideout – $29.99
60053 Race Car – $9.99
60054 Light Repair Truck – $9.99
60055 Monster Truck – $9.99
60056 Tow Truck – $19.99
60057 Camper Van with Canoe – $19.99
60058 SUV with Watercraft – $19.99
60060 Auto Transporter – $29.99
60061 Airport Fire Truck – $29.99


31013 Red Thunder – $4.99
31014 Power Digger – $4.99
31015 Emerald Express – $4.99
31017 Sunset Speeder – $9.99
31018 Highway Cruiser – $9.99
31019 Forest Animals – $17.99
31020 Twinblade Adventures – $14.99
31021 Furry Creatures (Cat and Mouse) – $17.99
31022 Turbo Quad – $19.99
31025 Mountain Hut – $39.99

Disney Princess

41050 Ariel’s Secret Treasures – $12.99
41051 Merida’s Highland Games (Merida’s Castle Festival) – $19.99
41052 Cinderella’s Enchanted Carriage – $29.99
41053 Ariel’s Magical Kiss – $29.99
41054 Rapunzel’s Tower of Creativity – $39.99
41055 Cinderella’s Castle Romance – $69.99


Animals – Series 4
40141 Turtle’s Little Paradise – $3.99
40142 Tiger’s Beautiful Temple – $3.99
40143 Penguin’s Playground – $3.99

Animals – Series 5

40144 … Continue

LEGO Friends 2014 Updated Set List

Today, All About Bricks has revealed the list for Series 5 of the Animal sets for the LEGO Friends line. Back in August, we reported a list of the Friends System sets as well as the Series 4 Animals of the very popular girls theme. LEGO Friends is still going strong heading into their third year of production.

Animals – Series 4
Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)
Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)
Penguin’s Playground (41043)

Animals – Series 5

Macaw’s Fountain (41044)
Orangutan’s Banana Tree (41045)
Brown Bear’s River (41046)

System Sets
Sunshine Harvest (41026)
Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)
Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)
Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (41029)
Heartlake Juice Bar (41035)
Stephanie’s Beach House (41037)
Sunshine Ranch (41039)
Heartlake News Van (41056)
Heartlake Horse Show (41057)


LEGO Friends Official Gameplay Trailer

Warner Bros. has posted the official gameplay trailer for the LEGO Friends video game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS handheld platforms. Coming off the success of the Friends sets, LEGO has brought the characters to life in the digital world created by TT Games and Hellbent Games. In the game, you will be able to customize your character with different outfits and accessories and join the girls on various adventures in Heartlake City. The game is available for preorder on Amazon and will be released on November 30th.

Welcome to amazing Heartlake City where summer fun awaits! Meet your new LEGO Friends and join them on exciting adventures that build friendships with the girls and allow you to express your individual style and personality as you explore the city.

Shop for the latest outfits and accessories, select the perfect hairstyle, decorate your bedroom and even pick out a pet. Choose how to spend your summer vacation; whether you’d rather attend horse riding camp, perfect a dance routine, play soccer, practice karate, or care for an animal at the rescue center, you can do these things and more as you express your creativity, and build fun memories with your five new friends!


LEGO Friends 2014 Sets Revealed

darth_tater over on Eurobricks has posted an updated list a couple of days ago on the initial wave of the 2014 LEGO Friends sets. I’m not into the Friends line that much so I’m not sure what fans are looking forward to. From some of the responses in the message board, a few are excited in seeing the news van and the penguin. If you’re a fan of LEGO Friends, what are you excited to see being released in 2014?

Updated 2014 Friends set list here.

Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)
Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)
Penguin’s Playground (41043)

System Sets
Sunshine Harvest (41026)
Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)
Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)
Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (41029)
Heartlake Juice Bar (41035)
Stephanie’s Beach House (41037)
Sunshine Ranch (41039)
Heartlake News Van (41056)
Heartlake Horse Show (41057)

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