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LEGO Con 2022 Minecraft Minifigure Fan Vote Winner Announced

A few weeks ago, LEGO ran a LEGO Minecraft fan vote for the next minifigure for a 2023 set and the winner has been announced. There were 8,557 votes and with 57.5% of the votes, the next minifigure that will be in a LEGO Minecraft set will be the Crystal Knight. There’s no mentioning on when it will appear in a set but I’m guessing it’ll be part of the summer wave.


LEGO Con 2022 Minecraft Minifigure Fan Vote Now Live

After a short delay, the fan vote for the next LEGO Minecraft minifigure is now live on Twitter. Revealed during LEGO Con 2022, one of the three characters shown will become a minifigure in a LEGO Minecraft set next year. The choices are the Crystal Knight, Classic Knight, and Primarine Knight. You have five days left to vote as of this post.


LEGO Con 2022 Recap

LEGO Con 2022 completed yesterday with a surprisingly positive response from viewers and there was a lot packed in the two hours of the event. There were more LEGO reveals compared to last year and there were also some teasers that you may have missed in between. If you tuned in live for LEGO Con, LEGO is during a survey and taking feedback about the show. You have until June 27 to fill it out.


The not so obvious teaser was during the LEGO Harry Potter segment where LEGO Design Master Marcos Bessa talks to Evanna Lynch about some of the HP sets with the huge Hogwarts Express in the background. There’s been rumors of a large scale Hogwarts Express (76405) coming in the fall that has a reported 5,129 pieces and will retail for €499.99.

The more subtle teaser was during the LEGO Star Wars reveals when LEGO Designers Michael Lee Stockwell and Madison O’Neil both came out wearing shirts with the Razor Crest outline. It has also been rumored that there will be a UCS Razor Crest (75331) that will retail for around $529.99. This rumor is a little more iffy than the Hogwarts Express.

Lastly, we got a first look at potentially one of the next LEGO Minecraft minifigures. There is a fan vote that will be starting soon to choose between the Crystal Knight, Classic Knight, or Prismarine Knight. They said it will be on their Twitter page but we don’t see anything yet.


LEGO Icons Lion Knights’ Castle (10305)


LEGO The Abandoned Village (21190) and The Skeleton Dungeon (21189) Revealed

The LEGO Minecraft theme continues this summer with two new sets revealed at LEGO Con 2022, The Abandoned Village (21190) and The Skeleton Dungeon (21189). Both releasing on August 1, The Abandoned Village has 364 pieces and retails for $34.99 while The Skeleton Dungeon has 422 pieces and retails for $44.99.

LEGO® Minecraft® The Abandoned Village (21190)

– Age: 8+; 364 pieces; August 1, 2022, launch; 29.99 EUR/ 34.99 USD
– Grab your sword, it’s time to reclaim the abandoned village from the zombies! Battle the zombie villager at the blast furnace, seize the zombie farm and capture the abandoned house. Now you can rebuild the village in your own awesome style! Clear the cobwebs, combine the different buildings, and add furniture and tools for work. Finally, build a campfire – and plan your next adventure!

LEGO® Minecraft® The Skeleton Dungeon (21189)

– Age: 8+; 422 pieces; August 1, 2022, launch; 49.99 EUR/ 44.99 USD
– Use your pickaxe to explore the stalagmites and stalactites of the dripstone cave. Be careful – there are 2 skeletons in the dungeon below! Push a stalagmite to make rocks crash down onto the hostile mobs. Then climb down the dripleaves in the lush cave to battle the skeletons with your crossbow. But watch out – a spin of the spawner causes another skeleton to appear, wearing enchanted armour!


LEGO Con 2022 Scheduled Events Revealed

LEGO’s Instagram account a few hours ago looks to have announced all the events and panels that will be happening for this week’s LEGO Con 2022. It will be two hours long starting at 9am PT/12 pm ET and there will be new theme and set reveals which includes the LEGO Avatar: The Way of Water and the rumored Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). It also shows that LEGO Ninjago is “getting ready for a grand finale.” This does sound kind of ominous because it could be the end of the LEGO Ninjago theme as we know it. There’s been talk on social media that the theme could be getting a reboot but we’ll see what happens with that.


LEGO Summer 2022 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop – North America

It’s now June and there are a ton of new LEGO sets that are now available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. Since we’re in North America, we have a staggered release compared to the rest of the world so we don’t have the full lineup until August.

As for promotions, there’s only one at this time with the LEGO Ideas Cosmic Cardboard Adventures (40533) with purchases of $160. This promo was extended until June 14 or while supplies last.

Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases.


Electric Scooters & Charging Dock (40526) $12.99
Chicken Henhouse (60344) – $9.99
Farmers Market Van (60345) – $44.99
Barn & Farm Animals (60346) – $69.99
Wild Animal Rescue Missions (60353) – $39.99
Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions (60354) – $39.99
Water Police Detective Missions (60355) – $39.99


Space Mission (11022) – $69.99

Creator Expert

Optimus Prime (10302) – $169.99


Rainbow Bracelet with Charms (41953) – $5.99
Stitch-on Patch (41955) – $5.99
Ice Cream Picture Frames & Bracelet (41956) – $29.99
Adhesive Patches Mega Pack (41957) – $29.99
Extra DOTS Series 7 – Sport (41958) – $3.99
Cute Panda Tray (41959) – $19.99
Big Box (41960) – $29.99
Designer Toolkit – Patterns (41961) – $59.99
Unicorn Creative Family Pack (41962) – $39.99


Iron Man Armory (76216) – $89.99


The Bakery (21184) – $24.99
The Nether Bastion (21185) – $34.99
The Ice Castle (21186) – $49.99
The Red Barn (21187) – $99.99
The Llama Village (21188) – $129.99

Star Wars

The Continue

LEGO January 2022 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

It’s January 1, 2022 (on the east coast) and that means there are tons of new LEGO sets available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. The main sets that are headlining the the new year are the Boutique Hotel modular and the Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Ideas set.

Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back from your purchases.

USA | Canada | UK | France | Germany


Boutique Hotel (10297) – $199.99
Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone (21331) – $69.99


Singapore (21057) – $59.99


Ahsoka Tano (40539) – $9.99
Lion Dance Guy (40540) – $9.99
St. Bernard (40543) – $14.99
French Bulldog (40544) – $14.99


Police Car (60312) – $9.99
Ice Cream Truck Police Chase (60314) – $39.99
Police Mobile Command Truck (60315) – $49.99
Police Station (60316) – $69.99
Police Chase at the Bank (60317) – $99.99
Fire Helicopter (60318) – $9.99
Fire Rescue Police Chase (60319) – $39.99
Fire Station (60320) – $69.99
Fire Brigade (60321) – $99.99
Race Car (60322) – $9.99
Stunt Plane (60323) – $9.99
Mobile Crane (60324) – $39.99
Cement Mixer Truck (60325) – $19.99
Picnic in the Park (60326) – $19.99
Horse Transporter (60327) – $29.99
Beach Lifeguard Station (60328) – $39.99
School Day (60329) – $69.99
Hospital (60330) – $119.99
Rescue Helicopter Transport (60343) – $29.99
Lunar Research Base (60350) – $119.99
Rocket Launch Center (60351) – $149.99


Majestic Tiger (31129) – $49.99
High-Speed Train (40518) – $19.99


Belle’s Ballroom (10960) – $19.99
Anna’s Castle Courtyard (43198)Continue

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