LEGO has possibly dropped another hint that we could be seeing a new LEGO Stranger Things set. A few days ago, we got a look at the Stranger Things 4 trailer and LEGO did a LEGO-ized still shot of one of the scenes. I took it as just LEGO getting in on the hype for the new season but a fan on Twitter asked if there would be any new sets and LEGO responded with: “Keep an eye out for more information!”

I haven’t heard anything new for LEGO Stranger Things but this tweet suggests that we may be getting something in the near future. We’re still missing a lot from the theme that we didn’t get from The Upside Down (75810) like Bob or the Mind Flayer. We did get Barb as a minifigure but it was exclusive to SDCC 2019. Let’s do what LEGO says and keep an eye out for more details as they come.