San Diego Comic Con 2013 is two weeks away and we will be there all four days to see and report what LEGO will have in store. We’ll also get to see what exclusive giveaways or new set reveals they will have so stay tuned. Three of the four days have been posted so far and it looks like Saturday may the day to attend if you’re a LEGO fan. As far as I can see, there are are three LEGO related events on Saturday and that doesn’t even include whatever will be going on at the LEGO booth in the Exhibit Hall.

**Update: The exclusive LEGO minifigures that will be given away have been revealed.**

In the dreaded Hall H, Warner Bros will be talking about a couple of their upcoming movies including The LEGO Movie. We can probably expect the directors and maybe a couple of the actors will be there for the presentation. There might even be some exclusive new footage of the movie that will be revealed to attendees of the panel.

In Room 6A at 12:30pm, there will be a panel that will showcase some of the upcoming Marvel video games including the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game coming out in October. Again, we might get to see some new footage of the game and there will be some special guests during the panel.

Finally in Room 23ABC at 5pm, BrickJournal is back once again to discuss how different artists are using LEGO bricks to create art. … Continue