One of the new products that LEGO will be releasing in 2021 will be the LEGO City Road Plates (60304). This item has given a lot of discussion in the building community of how this new system will affect their current layouts.

As you can see from the images, the new roads will implement brick-built road pieces that connect in various ways. This is evident by the numerous seams on it which you can add or remove to fit your needs. The road markings are printed so you don’t have to worry about applying stickers. You’ll probably need more traffic lights and street signs which can be fix by using LEGO Xtra accessory packs. If you’re thinking of switching out the old baseplates, it may get a bit pricey as each 112-piece set will retail for $19.99.

It seems that LEGO will be slowly phasing out the old road plates slowly as some of the 2021 sets will also include these new Road Plates including the Family House (60291) and Town Center (60292). If you’re still wanting the old road baseplates, they are currently available on Amazon.

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