LEGO has been working more and more with BrickLink, whom they’ve acquired late last year, and putting in resources to help both companies. Recently, they have released a survey asking LEGO fans if they are members of BrickLink and know about LEGO Ideas.

Help us realize more fan creations!

The LEGO Group and BrickLink want to realize more fan creations for the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community.

As part of this, we are investigating opportunities that the AFOL community has brought forward to see if there’s actually an appetite for these kinds of ideas and to investigate its feasibility.

Please help us by filling out this explorative survey. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. Your participation matters greatly because it improves our ability to do more for you, whether you are a BrickLink seller, buyer, fan designer, or any combination of them!

In the blurb, they state that both companies want to realize more fan creations for AFOLs and are looking at opportunities to do that. From the looks of what they are asking, it seems that they could be bringing some LEGO Ideas projects to BrickLink, referring to the projects that did not pass the review stage.

Let’s say that a project you voted for was not seleceted for production by the LEGO Group. How would you feel if the project was realized through the BrickLink site instead?

Since the support is already there for the most part in terms of the number of supporters achieved for a particular project, BrickLink could do a crowdfunding session for the projects similar to the AFOL Designer Program.

They’ve also suggested some things that AFOLs could do to sway the outcome of a project, whether it be the final design being similar to the original design, type of packaging, etc.

Let’s assume that BrickLink would be able to realize LEGO Ideas projects that you voted for but weren’t realized by the LEGO Group. Let’s further assume that you would have the opportunity to influence the outcome of the project in various ways. Please rank the opportunities that you would like to have available:

• The final set is made with minimum changes to the original design provided by the project-owner/fan designer
• I can decide the type of packaging I want (e.g., low price vs. exclusive packaging)
• The set comes with high quality digital building instructions
• I can interact with the project-owner/fan designer around simple personalization and add-ons to the model
• I can engage directly with the project-owner and ask questions about the model
• Opportunity to engage with other fans who also like the same theme to discuss and learn from them

Unfortunately, I saw this survey late and the deadline to answer has already closed but you can still submit answers. Who knows if anyone will look at the late responses but it doesn’t hurt to try. What do you think of LEGO/LEGO Ideas and BrickLink bringing over rejected projects to sell on that platform?

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