Could We See LEGO X-Men and Fantastic Four Sets in the Future?

CNBC is reporting that Disney and Fox are close on a deal for Disney to acquire assets from Fox which include the 20th Century Fox movie studio for about $60 billion. This means that Disney will regain the film rights to all of the Marvel comics characters which include the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

This is some great news that fans have been waiting for but for LEGO fans, this might mean that we could be getting more properies for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets like X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. We’ve gotten LEGO sets here and there from Fox properties like the Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto (76073) but the last larger set was the X-Men vs. The Sentinel (76022) way back in 2014.

The Disney/Fox deal, which is expected to be announced next week, possibly opens the door for LEGO to maybe start planning on trying to get some licensing deals with those properties. Fingers crossed for some 90’s style X-Men characters if this deal gets done!

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    So basically, Disney is using their profits from The Last Jedi to buy Fox. LOL, makes sense. Guess Deadpool fans can kiss their favorite character goodbye! >:)

  • Matt

    Yes please! This would be amazing. Tell Hugh his yellow spandex is ready.

  • CadeSky

    While it’s easy to be nervous about Disney taking over even more companies…it’s been a sad time to be an X-Men fan for a long time now. I would love the X-Men to come back to the status they once had…not being “hidden away” by Disney. That Blackbird set is one of my absolute favorites, partly because it is just so unlikely that they would produce an 80’s style X-Men set in 2014. Brown and tan Wolverine…definitely one of the minifigures I am most proud to own!

    • Gomek

      Before the Batman move I would have guessed the chances of getting SuperFriends minifigs at only slight higher than %0.

      • CadeSky

        Yeah, no kidding. Pretty crazy that that has happened! With the X-Men, I just really want to be able to build more of a minifig “team.” X-Men is my absolute favorite…and it’s sad that there isn’t a lot of X-Men stuff out there to connect with lately.

  • Darrell

    I thought Lego could already do X-Men minifigures and sets based on the comic books as part of their current licensing deal with Marvel. This new deal would just mean they could now do sets based on movies that Disney may or may not make, right?

    • Purple Dave

      They can make sets based on the comic book X-Men property. Technically they could make sets based off of the Fox movies, but there’s not much point in making the attempt. Marvel retained veto power over any licensing deals in case Fox tried to do something that would in any way damage the Marvel brand. Since the MCU got going, Disney just taped a lead brick to the veto button and locked it in a vault because the royalties they’d earn off of merchandising isn’t worth as much to them as being able to resecure the lost movie rights. I think The Wolverine was the last Fox film to get a toy line.

      Yes, they’d have the automatic right to start making sets based off of any Disney X-Men sets. The problem is, if Disney releases a Deadpool film, I fear we’ll look fondly back to XMO:W Deadpool. I can’t imagine what they’d do with a character that’s tonally like Batman with claws and no hangups about killing. Disney has been trying for years to resecure the rights, but I can’t help but feel that it’s less about actually wanting them back than it is about denying anyone else the ability to make use of them.

  • HUN_Sector

    Yeah! Bring back Deadpool in a cheap set 🙂

  • Purple Dave

    No!!!!!!! The two best Marvel movies are Deadpool and Logan. Guess how many of them are likely to be repeated under Disney? Although I might be up for this if it involves Disney trading Star Wars to Fox for the Marvel stuff back.

    • Gomek

      Disney owns a lot of subsidiaries that release R rated movies.

      Also while I have been a little critical of Episode 7, I trust Disney far more than anyone involved with the prequels.

      • Purple Dave

        R-rated movies, sure, but not tied to any franchise that Disney has purposefully been dialing back to kiddie-fare. Certainly not a movie that had to be toned down to just barely avoid an NC-17 rating.

        The Forced Remake was an embarrassment. What wasn’t a cheap ripoff of Ep4 was a flaming bag on the front steps, full of characters that deserve to be featured repeatedly on MST3K. Rogue One was original, and lifeless, and extremely predictable in the final act. All signs point to the next movie being another OT rehash, and Solo is likely to end up feeling as disjointed as Justice League did for pretty much the same reasons. Disney could end up taking over a decade to finally deliver a movie that’s good enough to stand with the six Star Wars films.

        • Gomek

          yeah, Deadpool did take it to another level. I think there’s too much money for Disney to close the door on Deadpool. I don’t think they’ll try to make it kid friendly, but will they push the limits of R, probably not.

          I agree with your assessment of Ep 7. I’ll never understand the decision to remake Ep 4. That said the prequels were another level of bad.