LEGO City Pickup & Caravan (60182)

Official images of some of the new 2018 LEGO City sets came out today and eagle-eyed fans may have noticed some implied continuity with one of the sets. If you look closely at the family, they may look somewhat familiar. That is because the mother and father appear to be the same minifigures as the ones in the 2016 Fun in the Park – City People Pack (60134), minus the color swap on the mother’s pants. The baby, however, looks to be grown up now and is enjoying the outdoors with his parents!

The continuity theory is interesting for LEGO to throw in because since we grow up with these sets, it’s nice that the sets also grow up with us as well. I do look forward to seeing more continuity in future LEGO City sets. Maybe next year we can see the child as an adult and the parents be older adults.

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