BrickLink has launched another platform for users to submit and share their MOCs that aren’t commercialized, CUUSOO BRICK. From what I’m reading, it is similar to what LEGO Ideas is about except for some little differences.

Users submit their MOCs and other users vote on it and if it gets 100 votes, a CUUSOO BRICK Award is given and it goes under review. Then CUUSOO BRICK will contact the original creator and asks if they would like the project to be distributed or provide building instructions. If the original creator approves, the project can be purchased on the BrickLink MOC Shop with building instructions and parts. Both the original creator and the user who recommended the MOC will get royalties based on the sales of the project. Read the official press release below:

BrickLink and CUUSOO Jointly Create a LEGO Publishing Platform

California, USA and Tokyo, Japan – December 17th, 2014 – BrickLink MOC Shop and CUUSOO teamed up to create a new platform that will publish custom LEGO models created by LEGO fans. Since 2000, BrickLink has facilitated the trade of bricks all around the world as a LEGO marketplace. CUUSOO Systems has previously operated what is now called LEGO Ideas (with The LEGO Group), supporting aspiring creators from around the world get their products manufactured.

The collaboration to launch will lower the threshold for MOC production in efforts to increase user-generated LEGO creations available for consumers. Users will be able to discover new MOC projects on CUUSOO collected from anywhere on the Internet and cast a vote for a specific model. Once the number of votes reaches a threshold of 100, the project will be reviewed for commercialization by BrickLink MOC Shop. A MOC, or My Own Creation, is any creation built from LEGO parts.

Kohei Nishijima, CEO of CUUSOO, stated, “We would like to work on this project to cultivate a new, organic brick community that will last a long time using our legacy and brand.” “I am just happy to serve the LEGO community with our services,” expressed Jay Kim, CEO of BrickLink. The joint project has attracted builders like Masao Hidaka, the builder of LEGO Piano, which currently gained more than 9,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas.

You can visit CUUSOO BRICK at Please extend our invitation to your family, friends, and other LEGO designers.

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