The Mimic Dice Box (5008325) gift with purchase set for the new LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale (21348) sold out in less than a day and the secondary market for the set looks to have become the most expensive GWP in recent memory. Currently, they are going for about $135-$140 on eBay while BrickLink is still in the low $100s. We don’t usually talk about reselling sets that much but this topic is a part of the hobby and for some, a job. For a long time now, reselling LEGO has been a polarizing topic. Fans are usually either for or against it but there’s also some in-betweeners as well.

As we know by now, the yellow box GWPs are a more limited quantity than the standard box sets and some of them tend to command a higher premium if you missed out originally. Since it’s still early and fans still haven’t received theirs yet if they ordered online, the prices are still high but will settle down a little in the coming weeks as orders are getting delivered.

That begs the question, do you care about the sealed secondary prices of the LEGO gift with purchase sets or do build them as if they’re any other set? Furthermore, do you resell the GWPs to recoup some of the money for the main set(s) you’re purchasing?

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