LEGO has announced that in 4 days on Friday, September 19th, they will be “revealing something very exciting. Let the guessing game commence!” The picture, seen above, has a test card pattern which may give an indication of what this reveal could be. Test card patterns are often used as when there is no programming being broadcasted on a TV channel.

If I were to guess what the reveal is on Friday, it will be the results for the first LEGO Ideas review. We’ve been waiting a while for the results and it seems like the right time to reveal the set. There are a number of very good projects including LEGO Bird Project, Modular Apple Store, BTTF – Jules Verne Train, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory. and Doctor Who and Companions but the projects that kind of correlate to the image are The Big Bang Theory and the two Doctor Who projects. Since they are both television shows, it would make sense that a test card pattern would be used somehow.

I suspect that each day, LEGO will be posting another image to countdown to Friday so stay tuned. What do you think this reveal is all about?

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