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Expanding the LEGO Winter Village Book Review


Expanding the LEGO Winter Village

I’ve been sent over a copy of a brand new book that came out called Expanding the LEGO Winter Village by Charles Pritchett which gives you some builds to help supplement your Winter Village setting. The book has 150 pages and it is currently available for purchase on Paperback and for the Amazon Kindle.

There are six different builds that are provided which include step-by-step instructions along with the list of parts and quantities needed to create that particular model. The colors are very bright and easy to distinguish and I will say that it might be better than the colors used in official LEGO instructions for sets.

There’s also a short read on how to get the parts if you don’t have them already. Obviously this section is for LEGO fans who just got into the hobby as most seasoned veterans already know the ins and outs on how to do it.

As for the builds, there’s a Town Fountain, Horse & Sleigh, Classic Car, Old Truck, Photos with Santa, and Ski & Snowboard Shop. Each build shows you how many parts are needed and the dimensions of the model. As I said before, the instructions are very clear and the finished models are actually very good looking ones that can easily integrate into your Winter Village.

Again Expanding the LEGO Winter Village is now available for purchase on Paperback and for the Amazon Kindle. Thanks to Charles for sending over a copy for me to look at.

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