Yesterday, I reported that a few projects on the BrickLink Designer Program had been withdrawn by the designer and archived and it looks like there’s a reason why. After I posted the article, I’ve gotten a lot of messages directing me to a German company called BlueBrixx that sells sets using clone bricks.

If you look at the products they have, the three projects that were on BrickLink are being sold there with reviews of them being up as late as last November. In addition, they are listed as authorized by RA-MT Brick Design which is Robert Bontenbal’s (RobenAnne) site. I’ve been told that he has a deal with BlueBrixx but I can’t confirm if that’s the reason why he has withdrawn the projects from BrickLink. LEGO technically owns BrickLink so working with a competitor isn’t really a good look.

Obviously, it’s disappointing to see that BrickLink won’t be able to produce the sets as many fans were wanting to add on to the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) but I guess Robert has to do what’s best for him.

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