The next LEGO video game was announced last week to be LEGO DC Super-Villains coming in October. WB Games and TT Games will be at E3 next week to start promoting it and hopefully will continue at San Diego Comic Con.

There’s already some new information about it in terms of new characters that we can expect to see. Greg Miller from Kinda Funny has been a genuine fan of LEGO video games for a while now and if you’ve been going to the SDCC panels for previous LEGO games, you can actually see the enthusiasm he has for these games. He has actually done some voice work for some of the previous LEGO games including Aldrich Killian for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers and Howard the Duck for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

When a fan was asking him if he was going to be in this latest installment, he replied with a simple “I am in the game!” This confirms that he’ll again have some sort of role but we can only guess as to who he’ll portray. Greg if you read this, can we get a reveal at SDCC?

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