Technically, this isn’t LEGO related but there are Iron Man 3icon sets so I guess it’s relevant. Over on the official Iron Man Facebook Page, they have revealed the new suits that will be in the Iron Man 3 movie. You might recognize the Heartbreaker suit from the Iron Man vs The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown (76008)icon set. The Sub Orbital Suit was also seen before in LEGO form last week in a custom creation by Tuminio. Which suit(s) would you like to see in an official LEGO minifigure?

Mark 33 – Enhanced Energy Suit – “Silver Centurion”

Mark 35 – Disaster Rescue Suit – “Red Snapper”

Mark 38 – Heavy Lifting Suit – “Igor”

Mark 39 – Sub Orbital Suit – “Gemini”

Mark 40 – Hyper Velocity Suit – “Shotgun”