Every year, LEGO gifts its employees a limited edition LEGO set as a Christmas gift and this year’s gift has been revealed. For those are are LEGO employees who haven’t received your set yet, I would skip this post and not go on social media around this time as some LEGO designers have already shown it off online. The rest of the post will be hidden behind the spoiler tag.


LEGO Ninjago creator Tommy Andreasen has posted the LEGO Ninjago The Temple of Celebrations (4002021) which consists of 1,320 pieces and it is part of the 10th anniversary of Ninjago celebration. The set features Garmadon in a Santa getup along with the ninjas in their Golden outfits. Also included are Misako a couple of Hypnobrai.

The back of the box says, “What better way to celebrate the first 10 years of LEGO Ninjago than with a unique Temple of Celebrations set that brings the themes’ well-known characters together in a fun festive LEGO build or you and your family. Enjoy.”

These Christmas employee gifts usually fetch a pretty penny online and if you’re a Ninjago completionist, you may want to check the usual secondary markets to see what is available.

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