LEGO today has announced in a new initiative that Ideas projects that were rejected during their respective Review Stages to have a second chance in becoming an official set. This new plan is called “LEGO Ideas Revisited” and starting this summer, fans will be able to vote for projects in a head-to-head format similar to the March Madness bracket.

Early on there weren’t that many CUUSOO/Ideas projects that qualified at a certain Review Stage so for the first Revisited voting period, LEGO will be combining a few of the early Review Stages together to create the bracket determined by when they achieved 10,000 supporters. Each voting period will vary depending on the number of projects being considered. For the first bracket, there will be three weeks of voting until the winner is chosen at the end which you can see above.

The first bracket pits the Winchester – Shaun of the Dead, Eve Online Rifter, and The Legend of Zelda against each other with the winner going up against outcome of the Modular Western Town, UCS Sandcrawler (even though we already have one), and Thinking with Portals! matchup.

After the winner is chosen, the LEGO Jury will again deliberate to see if that particular project will become a set. It will go through the same rules as before so nothing has changed there. Check out the full press release below.


LEGO Gives Rejected LEGO Ideas Projects a Revisit

BILLUND, DENMARK (April 1, 2016) – Beginning this summer, LEGO Ideas will have a new change coming to the program called LEGO Ideas Revisited. We will take projects that were not successful during the Review Stages and will let the fans decide which one will have a chance to redeem themselves.

There will be a bracket structure filled with previous projects with voting periods to allow fans to choose which project will have a second chance for us to revisit and it could possibly become an official LEGO Ideas set!

The projects are determined by when they achieved 10,000 supporters. Early on in the LEGO Ideas program, previous known as LEGO CUUSOO, there were a small number of projects that had reached the magical number of 10,000 supporters so we are combining a few of the Review Stages together to make the initial bracket.

The projects that you will be able to vote on include: Winchester – Shaun of the Dead, Eve Online Rifter, The Legend of Zelda, Modular Western Town, UCS Sandcrawler, and Thinking with Portals!

Voting will take place on June 1 and each stage will last for a week. The projects with the most votes moves on until the final project is chosen. After that, we will reevaluate the project using the same criteria as we do now with current projects to see if they are viable.

Was there a previous project that you wanted to see become an official LEGO Ideas set that fell short? LEGO Ideas Revisited will allow them a second chance to do so. Stay tuned as we have more updates about LEGO Ideas Revisited over on our blog.

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Technically, it’s April 1 on the east coast. I had to do it. Sorry guys. It’s all in good fun. Every project that reaches the Review Stage is excellent in their own right and I do not mean to disrespect the creators or the project themselves.

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