LEGO has revealed a brand new LEGO Art set with The Amazing Spider-Man (31209). Retailing for $199.99, the set has 2,099 pieces and will be released on August 1. The set features Spider-Man as an illusion of him popping out of the comic book frame. The background uses a Ben Day dot printing technique and an Easter egg of 15 spiders representing Amazing Fantasy #15 which is the first appearance of Spider-Man.

Celebrate one of the world’s most beloved Super Heroes with The Amazing Spider-Man (31209) LEGO® Art building set. This unique dimensional piece of art is made from layers of LEGO bricks in which Spider-Man breaks out from the frame and his head and fingers can be put into different poses. Pay homage to a comic-book Super Hero This bold artwork features several details to delight Spider-Man fans. The backdrop replicates the comic book’s Ben-Day-dot printing technique, there are 15 spiders to represent issue no. 15 of Amazing Fantasy in which Spider-Man first appeared in August 1962, and a graphic in the bottom corner contains his phrase, “With great power there must also come great responsibility.” Relaxing LEGO sets for adults As you create your own premium wall art, scan the QR code and listen to the Soundtrack, featuring content tailor-made to enhance your building experience. When you are finished, you can proudly display this unique piece of art on your wall at home or in the office.

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