If you were shopping this past weekend on LEGO Shop@Home in North America, you may have noticed that a lot of the summer 2020 set that were slated to be released on August 1 didn’t launch. We have some official statements coming out of the LEGO Ambassador Network regarding this issue.

The reason that we don’t have the sets yet is because COVID shut down the factory in Mexico and the NA stock wasn’t ready for launch until September 1. LEGO also said that they start selling the new products as soon as they get them so it could be any time between now and September 1. Again, this is affecting the North America region.

The typical Europe = June sets that equal NA = August sets have been impacted by the closing of the Mexico factory. I believe this has been mentioned in other threads but I have been unable to locate this info being shared on the LAN. Some of the August 1st sets have been delayed due to production limitations. This can was shown on LEGO.com by having “Coming Soon” on some products and “Available August 1st” for other sets. The “Coming Soon” sets have not been canceled, just delayed and our other factories are working hard to assist all markets.

I have been informed that due to the LEGO Mexico factory closures, we (in NA) moved out a list of products from Aug. 1 to Sep. 1. With that said, we have been informed we can sell the products upon receipt so we may launch them prior to Sept. 1st. This is why these items are listed as “coming soon” without a date. So they will launch anytime between now and Sept. 1st.

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