A few weeks ago, we reported that the LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139) was given new parts for the cockpit roof and LEGO has given an explanation why they changed it. The reasoning is as obvious as you think which is the 6×6 tile has a matte finish to it along with an injection point in the middle. Since there is now a the new 2×6 tile, LEGO decided to update the Batmobile with the new parts, three of them to be exact. LEGO suggests to hold off on requesting the new parts until February or March but I’ve already suggested contacting customer service about it which many of you have already done. The Batmobile is still out of stock on the LEGO Shop but it is available on Amazon with shipping still arriving before Christmas.

As everyone has speculated, the change was done due to the creation of the new 2×6 tile. The 6×6 tile has a non polished surface and with the creation of this new 2×6 tile element the project team decided to update the current model to make this iconic car look even greater 🙂

If you would like the new roof I would recommend holding off requesting until February or March. This request is done with understanding that many kids lose parts or having missing parts from their Christmas presents.

You can report the elements “missing” on LEGO.com, hopefully in a few months :), and the parts will be on their way.

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