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If you’re heading to Billund, Denmark for whatever reason in the future, there may be something that could be of interest to you. Promo Bricks has information on the new LEGO Billund Airport (4000016) which is an exclusive to only the company’s home country. The set itself is made into the Architecture-style and consists of 281 pieces which retails for €54/399.96 dkr/$68.

The exclusivity of the set is that it is only available in the LEGO Store at the Billund Airport which is located in the departure hall. As a result, only passengers who fly out of Billund are able to purchase the 4000016 set. Adding to the exclusivity, there are only 10,000 of these sets available so most of us probably won’t be able to get it for our collection unless you go to the secondary market like eBay. Also, the designer of the LEGO Billund Airport (4000016), Lennart Cort, still works at the LEGO Store there and he can sign your set if you request it.

As an eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

So who’s going to Billund soon and is able to pick me up a set?

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