A few of you have emailed me about this random LEGO branded item from Room Copenhagen called the LEGO Brick Scooper. The set contains two different sized scoopers that are used for easy cleanup. The colors of the scoopers are a blue and red set and a dark stone gray and black set. The sizes of the scoopers are: Small Scooper 88 x 129 mm/ 3.46 x 5.07 in; Large Scooper 132 194 / 5.19 x 7.63 in.

The set consist of two sizes of scoopers and a LEGO® Brick separator. The LEGO® Brick Scooper is a time saver when cleaning up. It easily scoops up handfuls of LEGO® bricks in one load and makes tidying up faster meaning more time for fun!

The included LEGO® Brick separator helps separating LEGO elements before storing.

**Via BricksFanz**

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