As we know from yesterday’s press release, LEGO has a scavenger hunt going on at San Diego Comic Con 2023 and we now know what the prizes are. There are clues hidden throughout the exhibit floor to find a LEGO Brickbuster Video VHS case and you can redeem the prizes at the booth.

Andrew (akanei12) has kindly shared what he got from the scavenger hunt and it includes a LEGO Master (6385893) set as well as a gold/yellow keychain. In addition, there’s also the San Diego Comic Con 2023 exclusive LEGO Pin set featuring the Star Wars Speeder Bike, Sonic, Captain America, and Brickbuster Video. Also they got to keep the Brickbuster Video case as well.

The scavenger hunt is still going on for another couple of days so hit up the LEGO booth if you’re there for a chance to win these prizes.

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