There are now official images of the sets from Round 2 of the BrickLink Designer Program coming out of the LEGO Building Instructions app. These were the five sets that reached the 3,000 minimum number of pre-orders and it only took about five hours after it went live back in November. The release date lists them as a 2022 set but we’ll see if they keep it. These sets command a high premium on the secondary market if you weren’t able to get during the pre-order window.

Mountain Windmill (910003) – 2,085 pieces/$179.99

Modular LEGO Store (910009) – 2,149 pieces/$179.99

Retro Bowling Alley (910013) – 2,779 pieces/$229.99

Clockwork Aquarium (910015) – 874 pieces/$64.99

Venetian Houses (910023) – 3,470 pieces/$289.99

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